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Martin County has hired an emergency manager ... do you think this position is necessary?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not sure
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Apr-30-14 11:00 AM

I challenge everyone but "Resonable" to tell me what an Emergency Manager does.

This position has nothing to do with an Obama law, the county should have had this position a long time ago. It was added duties for someone else, that is not effective.

The county hiring someone does not take away any of your rights, do you get to vote when the hire a new Deputy or tax assessor, I do not think so. These are not elected positions.

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Apr-23-14 7:36 PM

I'm guessing most of the thought here is generated from the fact of not knowing exactly what the job duties entail with this new position. "Really" you have lost some sort of constitutional right(s)by hiring a new County employee?

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Apr-21-14 11:08 AM

This position is mandated (more or less by the federal Government. Obamas' law says if you want federal disastor aid, you will have an emergency management and implementation plan in place. This plan is so complex that it forces our county to create this position. I totaly disagree with the law. One planner for southern minnesota would be plenty, not 1 per county. Please do not vote the idiot democrats back in. this is another example of our hard earned money being wasted. We Midwesterners know how to work together to overcome disastors without the federal government.

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Apr-21-14 7:52 AM

It's not the person,it's the job Dick. Unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money. Since you don't pay taxes I guess you won't care.

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Apr-20-14 10:45 AM

Dick. You are one to call someone stupid. You probably voted for obama. Twice.

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Apr-19-14 10:14 PM

Yes, I'm sure this fresh out of college, just into town young lady is the harbinger of the end of our civilization. RamRod, you are a special kind of stupid.

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Apr-18-14 10:28 PM

Please PEOPLE! THINK! When you allow the powers that be insert who they want they are taking away your representative government! They are doing this Emergency Management thing In Detroit and other places! Without the benefit of voting these positions into office! We are losing our Democracy because they are taking it away! Don't fall for this!

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