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National Politics

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873 days ago.
by phoenix
obama's most transparent administration

Posts: 6 - How transparent is it really?

1446 days ago.
by phoenix
Obama elected to second term

Posts: 0 - Four more years of Obama bashing, can"t wait to renew my Sentinel scrip.Mr Editor please remember Obama quote this morning "Red states Blue states we are the United States"

jake tapper said media helped tip the scale in obama's favor

Posts: 0 - Finally a reporter admits that the lame stream media was and still is in obama's back pocket.

A video tour of Apple store knock-off in China

Posts: 0 - Photos of the knock-off Apple retail stores in China not good enough for you? NBC's "Today" show headed to Kunming, a city in the southwest of the country, that houses just such a store...

2191 days ago.
by Sissetonian
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Posts: 0 - The reason I am suspicious of much that the military brass has to say about Iraq and Afghanistan is because going to war is what keeps them in business and gives them jobs.