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Less violence needed

December 19, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

The recent events involving the use of guns in Minnesota and elsewhere are surely tragic. They point to many things about us and our culture.

We as a culture love violence; it is our drug of choice. We love guns. We love the ability to be powerful and to use our power on those who are different as well as innocent.

We claim we need guns to protect ourselves. The violence in Connecticut has even led one Minnesota representative to propose legislation that would allow guns in schools. But we don't need more guns. We don't need more violence. What we need is an intervention into our gun and violence addiction.

I find it ironic that the one we celebrate at Christmas is also known as the Prince of Peace, and not the prince of violence. He didn't own a gun or use the weapons of his age. He didn't promote more violence or bloodshed. In fact, he said to turn the other cheek and love your enemy. Perhaps we need to follow this Prince of Peace in word and deed, especially now in a culture gone mad with guns and violence.

Scott Nagel




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