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November 3, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

System working well

We can remember when Martin County first began discussing rural addressing. It seemed kind of strange to consider labeling rural roads as streets and avenues. And, of course, there was the cost for all those signs.

But as the project moved forward, as first responders adapted to the change, and as technology improved to allow for GPS locating of rural sites, rural addressing clearly made sense.

It has been about 15 years since the switch was made. We commend those who saw the need for rural addressing and followed through on implementing it.

City being intrusive

It's difficult for us to imagine someone selling their home, and then demanding that the new owners put up a swing set in the back yard. So we cannot understand why the Blue Earth City Council thinks it should have a say in what happens to a piece of land it is considering trading to Faribault County.

In the deal, Blue Earth will get the Green Giant park and free itself of some land at the fairgrounds. But whether a ball field is developed at the fairgrounds site concerns some city leaders. It makes more sense for the fair board to control the fairgrounds, with the land used for whatever purpose is most suitable. If the city wants a ball field, it can always build one somewhere else.

Be an informed voter

Every election year, there are many messages that flow out about making sure you exercise your right to vote. We concur with those comments, and add to them by suggesting that citizens not only vote, but do so in an informed manner.

The Sentinel writes articles about candidates, follows campaigns, covers debates and offers endorsements, all with the intention of informing the public. Other media likewise provide coverage. Candidates themselves have websites, where their positions on the issues can be found. Groups you may believe in - the National Rifle Association or the Sierra Club, for examples - rate and support their choices.

We encourage voters to review some of these resources before heading to the polls on Tuesday. Your vote matters, and it matters most when you are well-informed.



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