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Love your neighbor

October 31, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

As Election Day approaches, I continue to watch the lively debate on the upcoming Minnesota marriage amendment and feel compelled to write in response to some of the letters (and many of the comments in the online thread).

It bothers me a lot when someone says that if I am to call myself a Christian, I must vote yes on this amendment. I am a proud Christian and I am so hurt when comments like this are made. This amendment is about much more than some specific Bible passages. It is about liberty.

Many writers have quoted Genesis 2:22-24, regarding how God has already defined marriage, and I respect that passage and what it is conveying. Those against the amendment in the online comments have pointed to Deuteronomy 21:13-29 as a strong message on what the Bible says marriage is, but these bullet points are not being contained in the definition amendment. Supporters of the amendment also point out that the Deuteronomy reference is part of Levitical law, which Christ came to free us from, and that is a fine argument too. Mark 10:1-12 comes from, perhaps, a more respected book by many. This passage talks about divorce and how we are not to separate anything that God has joined together. However, we aren't including this in the marriage definition. All in all, I still have yet to find a passage in the Bible that specifically lays out what marriage is truly "defined" as. We see talk of how God created man and woman to be married, but not that this has to be the true and only definition of marriage.

My point is that we can find passages all over the Bible that contradict each other. I am not of the belief that the Bible is to be taken literally in every passage but is instead meant to be a guide for us in our daily lives. A specific passage I take to heart is another famous one: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Mark 12:31).

Foster Graif,

former resident of Truman




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