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A lot to ‘education’

October 31, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

In these tough economic times, many, if not most, are tightening their belts and budgets to make ends meet. There are many ways in which people are cutting expenses. Part of this process is deciding which things are truly necessities and which things are only niceties.

One thing that I do believe is a necessity, and that I think should be a priority for everyone, is education. Education is also not merely a matter of math, science and reading. As important and necessary as those are, the arts and co-curricular activities are also important to the development and education of children.

Speaking specifically as a musician, I would not have been able to pursue my chosen career without the musical experiences in which I was privileged to participate during my time at the Fairmont Area Schools. And professional musicians are not the only people who benefit from musical experiences, just as professional sports players are not the only ones who benefit from co-curricular activities. These experiences are important to develop well-rounded and well-educated members of society.

Therefore, even in this rough economy, I do not believe education is an area in which we can cut expenses. Doing so would only harm students. Rather, education is worth current investment not only for our good, but also for future generations. I encourage you to vote yes when you go to the polls, and make it a vote to support education at Fairmont Area Schools.

Matthew Gerhardt

Herford, Germany



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