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We should vote yes

October 22, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

"Why should I vote for a school referendum that increases my taxes?"

My personal view:

As a lifelong resident of Fairmont, I am concerned that this vote is critical to our survival as a community. Fairmont is currently below the average for schools in the state when it comes to the tax rate per student; way below. It is time to meet the financial requirements to provide education for the new generations that are coming.

All of us baby boomers enjoyed an education financed by people in our community that I am sure felt similar financial pressure that we feel today. Yes, the dollar figure is quite different, but I believe they were pressed to finance my education. It is our moral and social obligation to finance the education of the generations of people that follow us.

Voting yes to this will only maintain our current level of education.

My business owner view:

When a business makes an investment in a community, it expects that services such as hospitals, schools, police protection and opportunities for a quality education will be available to all people in the community. Businesses will not come if any one of the items above are not in place. If businesses do not locate here, there will be fewer jobs and a smaller tax base to support the services that all of us want.

All of us in Fairmont have worked to have those services available here and at a level that creates a quality of life many of us seek. I believe if we do not vote yes to the referendum, we will begin the dying process I have seen in communities in other parts of rural America.

As a business owner making a substantial investment in Fairmont, I am concerned that local students will not get the education that will give them a base to grow from like I had. These young people are the ones who will engineer and program the products of the future. And, they will be able to live in Fairmont if they so choose, but only if they have access to a good education and there are businesses that decide to locate here.

We at Kahler Automation are fortunate to have engineers and programmers who attended Fairmont schools, went outside the community to get extended education and then chose to move back to Fairmont to be an important part of our on going community.

Please vote yes to the school referendum.

Wayne Kahler




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