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Stinks like Chicago

October 10, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

The front page article in the Saturday, Oct. 6-7, Sentinel entitled, "Jobless rate dips below 8 percent" requires a comment.

According to the article, the jobless rate is determined as a result of two surveys, one of which is conducted on businesses and governmental agencies, and the other of which is conducted on households.

The survey covering 140,000 business and government employers showed they added a lackluster 114,000 jobs in September, or about 0.8 jobs per employer contacted.

In contrast, the survey of 60,000 households allegedly found that 873,000 more people had jobs, or about 14.55 new jobs per household contacted. This figures out to be 3.64 new jobs per person in a household with an average of four persons per household.

I know some mothers and grandmothers and others in the community who have a number of jobs and do a lot of volunteer work, but I don't know anyone who acquired 3.64 new jobs in the month of September.

I am in agreement with Mr. Jack Welch, retired CEO of GE, and Congressman Allen West, R-Fla. This unemployment number, coming as it does just before the election and putting such a favorable spin on an otherwise bleak situation, may be explained later as "just an error," but the "error" has the unmistakable stench of Chicago-style gangster government all over it.

Harold King




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