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September 28, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

Please join 153,000 of us with the Common Sense Coalition

One price of individual freedom is that individuals, companies and governments at all levels must be held accountable for the consequences of their actions. Safety nets make sense to help those unable to help themselves, but they must be limited for able-bodied adults. Bailouts should be severely limited and concepts like "Too big to fail" eliminated.

Protecting individual rights from over-zealous government is a fundamental principle of our democracy. The virtues of individuals - self-reliance, responsibility, ingenuity, entrepreneurialism these are the cornerstones of the Bill of Rights, our culture and our strength as a nation. While we are a nation of individuals, we have a history of working together to help those in need.

It has been a core American value to live within our means. Ever-expanding debt to finance current benefits is an unethical wealth transfer from our children to ourselves.

When we entrust our government with our money, we impose upon it an obligation to behave responsibly and efficiently. Government should have clear goals and metrics for the programs it invests in, and should change or repeal those programs that are ineffective. Government should also aggressively root out waste and hold itself to the highest standards of accountability.

Decision-making should also occur at the right level of government. State and local governments, closer to the people and problems at hand, are often better-suited to solve problems.

Fairness dictates that the costs of government be borne both broadly and disproportionately by those who have benefited the most from our economic system. This means our tax system should be simple, progressive, and that all citizens should bear part of the burden.

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Brad Berg




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