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History in our hands

September 11, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

With election day so close at hand, I would like to appeal to the voters who cast a vote for a party because of just one issue. There are many, many issues to consider before deciding that one issue is important enough to secure your vote.

I am thinking of the vote cast only because the party is pro-choice. It would seem that with all the methods of birth control, the sexual responsibility and sophistication of the people involved, there would be no need for abortion. Rape, incest, mother's health, etc., are all covered by the pro-life concept. If one can't afford birth control, it can be obtained free of charge. And, as a reminder, abortion was never meant to be another form of birth control.

Our nation was founded on religious principles. We are a Christian nation. Let's start acting like it. We have taken on the role of being a silent majority. The "politically correct movement" has eroded our freedoms faster than believed possible.

We have let a minority of dissenters control the celebration of Christmas. They require we say "Happy Holidays." Has it ever occurred to anyone that the "Happy Holidays" greeting we are required to use, so we don't offend someone who doesn't believe in Christmas, might offend those of us who are believers? Let's get back to "Merry Christmas," Christmas carols, manger scenes and celebrate Christ's birth. For those of you who don't want to, don't. You don't have to, but that doesn't mean we can't and shouldn't.

Let's bring saluting the flag back into our schools and public meetings, and if a situation calls for a prayer - pray. Those of you who don't want to don't have to - read a book or walk out. That choice is yours.

At this point, we need to get the economy going, create jobs and stop the uncontrolled spending. It wasn't a mistake to vote for our current president. He is charming, articulate and he felt he could do what he said he would. Government is big business and because he has no business experience, he has floundered. We need someone who understands business and what makes it grow. When a company CEO doesn't show good performance, he is replaced. If you have always voted Democrat, you are not betraying your party if you cross over this election and vote for the other party. What you are doing is helping to make life easier for future generations. President Obama said if he didn't accomplish what he promised, he would be a one-term president. Let's help him achieve that goal.

Historians have said America will never be taken over by outside forces but would topple from within. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living that prediction, right now. It is not a situation they will fix - this is up to all of us.

God bless America.

Jo Smith




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