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Nielsen captures Modifieds points title

September 2, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

FAIRMONT - All five feature winners were the season points champions in the season finale at the Fairmont Raceway on Friday.

Roger Nielsen, Luke Sathoff, Matthew Looft, Devin Smith and Nate Coopman finished on top in both their class' feature race and in the points standings after Friday's races.

Nielsen, the lone double-winner on Friday, finished first in the Modifieds feature and Heat 1 to capture the season championship.

Josh Ruby, who finished second place in points, finished second in the feature race behind Nielsen. Dwaine Hanson was the Heat 2 winner.

Sathoff secured the Stock Car points season championship with a first-place finish in the feature race. Sathoff finished third in Heat 1 behind Jim Larson and Jesse Olson, before topping the field in the feature.

Derek Green took the Heat 2 victory before finishing eighth in the feature race. Ken Tietz, second place in points, finished third in Heat 2 before a fourth-place finish in the feature.

In the Sports Mods, Looft finished second in Heat 1 behind Joey Lium before rebounding for the first-place feature finish and the points season championship. Lium finished second in the feature race behind Looft.

Travis Greenfield finished second in the points season championship, but won Heat 2 of the Sports Mods on Friday. Greenfield finished the season with a third-place finish in the feature.

Devin Smith won the Hobby Stocks feature race for the second week in a row, to grab the points season championship. Jeff Senne, who finished second in the points championship, was the Heat 1 winner, while Dan Wedel took home the first-place finish in Heat 2.

Nate Coopman swept the month of August in the Compacts feature wins to claim the season points championship.

Mick Rykhus, second in the points, finished second in the Compacts feature race.

Megan Lappegard took home the first-place finish in the Heat.

Fairmont Raceway will host the Kevin Kollofski Memorial Race on Sept. 15.



(Aug. 31 Results)


FEATURE: 1. Roger Nielsen (Fairmont); 2. Josh Ruby; 3. Andrew Timm; 4. Mark Gartner; 5. Denny Anderson; 6. Tim Pessek; 7. Troy Swearingen; 8. Travis Deboer; 9. Dwaine Hanson; 10. Stacey Mills; 11. Ken Odegaard; 12. Dustin Wiederhoeft; 13. Nate Zimmerman; 14. Josh Meyer; 15. Oliver Kollofski.

HEAT 1: 1. Roger Nielsen (Fairmont); 2. Andrew Timm; 3. Mark Gartner; 4. Travis Deboer; 5. Stacey Mills; 6. Ken Odegaard; 7. Dustin Wiederhoeft; 8. Oliver Kollofski.

HEAT 2: 1. Dwaine Hanson (Lakefield); 2. Josh Meyer; 3. Denny Anderson; 4. Josh Ruby; 5. Tim Pessek; 6. Troy Swearingen; 7. Nate Zimmerman.

Stock Cars

FEATURE: 1. Luke Sathoff (Jackson); 2. Dustin Larson; 3. Dustin Wannarka; 4. Ken Tietz; 5. Jim Larson; 6. Dan Mackenthun; 7. Jesse Olson; 8. Derek Green; 9. Dan Thate; 10. Doug Jenkins; 11. Scott Adams; 12. Brad Malmanger; 13. Andrew Altenburg; 14. Trent Schroeder.

HEAT 1: 1. Jim Larson (Rushmore); 2. Jesse Olson; 3. Luke Sathoff; 4. Andrew Altenburg; 5. Dustin Larson; 6. Doug Jenkins; 7. Trent Schroeder.

HEAT 2: 1. Derek Green (Granada); 2. Dustin Wannarka; 3. Ken Tietz; 4. Dan Mackenthun; 5. Scott Adams; 6. Brad Malmanger; 7. Dan Thate.

Sports Mods

FEATURE: 1. Matthew Looft (Swea City); 2. Joey Lium; 3. Travis Greenfield; 4. Ben Ruby; 5. Randy Winter; 6. Dustin Philipp; 7. Lyle Sathoff; 8. Ben Chukuske; 9. Max Anderson; 10. Justin Schuder; 11. Logan Kelly; 12. Derek Schumski; 13. Kyle Steuber; 14. Nathan Chukuske; 15. Justin Deboer.

HEAT 1: 1. Joey Lium (Burt); 2. Matthew Looft; 3. Randy Winter; 4. Kyle Steuber; 5. Ben Chukuske; 6. Logan Kelly; 7. Max Anderson; 8. Derek Schumski.

HEAT 2: 1. Travis Greenfield (Kasson); 2. Lyle Sathoff; 3. Ben Ruby; 4. Dustin Philipp; 5. Justin Schuder; 6. Nathan Chukuske; 7. Justin Deboer.

Hobby Stocks

FEATURE: 1. Devin Smith (Lake City); 2. Justin Luinenburg; 3. Dan Wedel; 4. Jeff Senne; 5. Tyler Ignaszewski; 6. Wes Jahnz; 7. Daniel Ricard; 8. Terry Mohwinkel; 9. Britten Swanson; 10. Guy Kimpton; 11. Chad Taylor; 12. Doug Schwanz; 13. Rick Heenan.

HEAT 1: 1. Jeff Senne (Welcome); 2. Britten Swanson; 3. Devin Smith; 4. Wes Jahnz; 5. Chad Taylor; 6. Rick Heenan; 7. Doug Schwanz.

HEAT 2: 1. Dan Wedel (Fairmont); 2. Tyler Ignaszewski; 3. Justin Luinenburg; 4. Guy Kimpton; 5. Daniel Ricard; 6. Terry Mohwinkel.


FEATURE: 1. Nate Coopman (Mankato); 2. Mick Rykhus; 3. Megan Lappegard; 4. Blaney Markman; 5. Joe Bunkofske; 6. Jaedon Erickson; 7. Colby Lyons; 8. Josh Anderson; 9. Duwayne Berndt.

HEAT: 1. Megan Lappegard (Spencer); 2. Joe Bunkofske; 3. Blaney Markman; 4. Mick Rykhus; 5. Colby Lyons; 6. Josh Anderson; 7. Duwayne Berndt; 8. Jaedon Erickson; 9. Nate Coopman.



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