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Take a stand for right

August 28, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I would like to come to the defense of Father Peter Schuster's letter to the editor published Aug. 4 and titled "We must stand strong on marriage definition." I thought it was well written and completely correct.

I give him credit for standing up for an issue that is so controversial in today's world. It seems that anyone willing to speak out in favor of traditional marriage is subject to the anger of individuals that support the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) movement. These same individuals who tell the world to love one another have no problem getting in the face of someone who disagrees with their cause. One of these individuals, a former member/student of St. John Vianney, replied to Father Schuster on the editorial page on Aug. 10. The letter was titled, "Love one another." I encourage Sentinel readers to look again at these two letters and compare the sensibility of the first to the anger of the second.

My response to the "Love one another" letter is to stop picking through the Bible until you find the phrase or verse that supports your cause. I encourage this person, and everyone else, to read Romans 1:18-32 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-20. These are words written by the hand of God and they tell us how to respond to the same sex marriage issue. To ignore these words, and turn Jesus' command to "Love one another" into "Love their sinful lifestyle" is wrong. We need to love the sinner, not the sin.

I am surprised at the silence of all who allow their faith and their church leaders to be trashed and unsupported. It is our indifference, fear of being criticized or looking foolish, that allows the LGBT lifestyle to be promoted as something good. The stronger and more vocal they become, the more we disengage. If younger and future generations only hear from the LGBT, more and more will accept their lifestyles. Unless we take a stand and set an example of standing for one's faith and standing for what is right, why should we be surprised in the decline of morality and in church attendance? I ask those of you who believe Jesus Christ is our savior, are you willing to stand up for God and His written word? If not, will He stand up for you? Please take a stand for what is right in this world before it's too late.

Kevin Lutterman




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