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As promised, part 2

August 23, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

Guided by the Golden Rule, I try to be on good terms with everyone.

I'm not an activist, nor radical, just a concerned citizen who treasures liberty and freedom.

Politics is partisan and divisive, people never have and never will be in total agreement.

What disturbs me is the nasty tone, and the tactics of fear mongering, distortion, misrepresentation, character assassination, pandering, race baiting, and "divide and conquer" class warfare. Too many people fall for this garbage.

Among the critical issues that we must address are: a $16 trillion national debt; a stagnant economy; 46 million people in poverty, dependent on the government; 8.3 percent unemployment - at a minimum, 23 million people affected; skyrocketing health care costs; a cumbersome, loophole-laden, unfair tax code; excessive, rather than moderate common sense regulations, which only serve to appease special interest groups, and have a stifling effect on the economy; social programs that will become insolvent without reform.

It is compassionate, and necessary, to provide a governmental safety net for those who are unable to provide for their own needs, through no fault of their own.

Beyond that, do you believe in self-reliance, ambition, ingenuity, limited government intervention, free enterprise, living within your means, and the equal opportunity to prosper?

Or, do you believe that we are better served by a huge, inefficient, federal bureaucracy, deficit spending, government dependence, and the concept of social engineering to achieve equal outcome.

Do you believe that it is more noble to give a hungry man a fish, or to teach him how to fish for himself?

We need bold leadership, clear, factual debate, not partisan spin, vilification and demagoguery, and real, viable solutions, not empty rhetoric.

America is a country founded upon a unique idea and those who remain unaware or unappreciative of their rights run the risk of losing them.

I highly recommend the book "Our Constitution (250 pages)" by Donald A. Ritchie and JusticeLearning.ORG

It contains a wealth of interesting information - why the Constitution was necessary, what kind of government it created, what rights it protects, how it has expanded over time, and how it is interpreted, plus, the complete U.S. Constitution articles and amendments, with timelines, what each clearly says and means.

On Nov. 6, we will cast our votes in a pivotal election, choosing the course we wish to follow. The stakes are high and the distinctions between the two major parties and candidates are very clear.

I invite and encourage anyone regardless of their position, to contact me at (507) 235-6818. The exchange of ideas is indeed a good thing.

Thank you for taking time to read my letters.

Gail Pieser




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