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Mayo site top of the line

August 1, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

Since Mayo Clinic took over the Fairmont Medical Center, I have read so many negative comments, that I feel compelled to write about both mine and my husband's experience over the past several months. Note that I have lived in California for about half my life and have experienced medical care at several different facilities during that time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year while we were down south for the winter. I began my chemo treatment down south, and we returned to Fairmont to continue my treatment in March of this year, when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. Both of us, diagnosed with cancer in 2012 - hard pill to swallow. While we contemplated going to Rochester, Dr. Joseph and Dr. Kim here in Fairmont captured our hearts and our faith in medicine, so we opted to receive our treatment here. I continued my chemotherapy with the superb skills and friendly attitude of the infusion staff (was even served a meal each time, unlike the chemo facility down south), while my husband underwent colon cancer surgery with Dr. Kim. My husband is now cancer free, thanks to Dr. Kim and the wonderful nursing staff at Fairmont Mayo Health System. I finished my chemotherapy, and because I was so impressed with Dr. Kim's expertise, compassion, and confidence during my husband's ordeal, I asked and he agreed to perform my double mastectomy that I needed. I had successful double mastectomy on July 18th, and am doing great thanks to him. Between my husband and me, we should have a room at the hospital. We've made so very many visits to the Fairmont Mayo Health System, I cannot count them. Additionally, my husband has some cardiac issues as well, and I have to see an oncologist. While Fairmont doesn't staff full-time cardiologists or oncologists, we have seen two providers from Mankato: Dr. Motiei, Cardiologist and Dr. Thome, Oncologist. There has never been any problem in scheduling appointments with either doctor - in fact, the appointments are scheduled for us, around our schedules. I have never been as impressed with a medical facility as I have been these past several months. From the physicians, nursing staff, physical therapists, medical assistants, receptionists, to the housekeepers and the food, along with the friendly valet parking guys, I have nothing but praise. I know that many Fairmont residents are unhappy with the changes at Fairmont Mayo Health System, but from our perspective, the Fairmont Mayo Health System is top of the line, we have been thoroughly pleased with the care we have received, and we feel confident that any future medical issues that arise for us will be handled in the same professional, sympathetic, and friendly manner that our cancer treatments have been. Thank you Fairmont Mayo Health System for the staff that you employ and the policies you enforce! My husband and I are eternally grateful. If I had one complaint, it would be that the hospital gowns need to be changed; green and brown aren't the most cheerful colors while you're in the hospital.

Julie Woodruff




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