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Larson, Senne net two wins

July 23, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

FAIRMONT - Hobby stock racer Jeff Senne of Welcome and stock car driver Jim Larson of Rushmore each posted double-victories during Friday's loop action at Fairmont Raceway in Fairmont.

Senne, who holds the No. 3 spot in the seasonal point standings, crossed the finish line before points leader Devin Smith during the class' main event. Senne also beat Northrop's Britten Swanson to the checkered flag during the first heat race.

Smith, who holds a 33-point edge over Guy Kimpton, won the second heat race. Kimpton placed sixth in the feature race.

In the stock cars division, Jim Larson captured top honors in the main event by steering his car past Dustin Larson of Worthington. Ironically, both Larsons netted wins in the heat races, with Jim pocketing first place in the initial race, while Dustin claimed the top spot in Heat 2.

Jackson's Luke Sathoff, the overall points leader in the stock car class, placed second behind Dustin Larson in heat action before generating a third-place showing in the main event.

Fairmont's Dan Thate, who trails Sathoff by 21 points in the standings, claimed sixth place in the feature.

In modified racing action, points leader Mark Gartner of Mapleton placed ninth in the feature as the trio of Josh Meyer (Fairmont), Tim Pessek (Hutchinson) and Josh Ruby (Lakota, Iowa) narrowed the gap to just one point.

Meyer, who won the opening heat, placed fifth in the main event; Pessek pocketed seventh in the feature; while Ruby notched a 17th-place showing.

James Slawson won the modifieds' feature race, while Fairmont's Oliver Kollofski and Lakefield's Dwaine Hanson claimed the second and third heat races, respectively.

Matthew Looft of Swea City posted a fourth-place feature finish to help extend his lead in the sports mods class to eight points over Travis Greenfield. Greenfield netted eighth place in the main event.

Dan Paplow claimed the checkered flag in the sports mods' feature, with Mapleton's Jeff Carter, Sherburn's Ben Chukuske and Fairmont's Justin Schuder winning the heat races.

Nate Coopman produced a second-place feature finish to hold a 17-point edge over feature winner Mick Rykhus in the seasonal standings.

Megan Lappegard, who placed third in the main event, won the division's lone heat.

Racing action returns to Fairmont Raceway next Friday night.



Feature: 1. James Slawson (Milford, Iowa); 2. Jay Noteboom; 3. Eric Dailey; 4. Oliver Kollofski; 5. Josh Meyer (Fairmont); 6. Roger Nielsen (Fairmont); 7. Tim Pessek (Hutchinson); 8. Jeff Ignaszewski (Wells); 9. Mark Gartner (Mapleton); 10. Ken Odegaard (Welcome); 11. Travis Peterson (Mapleton); 12. Travis DeBoer (Fairmont); 13. Andrew Timm (Mankato); 14. Mike Hansen (Alton, Iowa); 15. Garry Oskerson (Fairmont); 16. Denny Anderson (Rochester); 17. Josh Ruby (Lakota, Iowa); 18. Dwaine Hanson (Lakefield).

Heat 1: Josh Meyer (Fairmont); 2. Denny Anderson; 3. James Slawson; 4. Josh Ruby; 5. Mike Hansen; 6. Andrew Timm.

Heat 2: 1. Oliver Kollofski (Fairmont); 2. Travis Peterson; 3. Roger Nielsen; 4. Tim Pessek; 5. Ken Odegaard; 6. Eric Dailey.

Heat 3: 1. Dwaine Hanson (Lakefield); 2. Garry Oskerson; 3. Mark Gartner; 4. Jeff Ignaszewski; 5. Jay Noteboom; 6. Travis DeBoer.

Stock Cars

Feature: 1. Jim Larson (Rushmore); 2. Dustin Larson; 3. Luke Sathoff; 4. Ken Tietz; 5. Matt Schauer; 6. Dan Thate; 7. Jeff Luhmann; 8. Brad Malmanger; 9. Doug Jenkins; 10. Derek Green; 11. Jerry Coopman.

Heat 1: 1. Jim Larson (Rushmore); 2. Derek Green; 3. Ken Tietz; 4. Matt Schauer; 5. Brad Malmanger; 6. Jerry Coopman.

Heat 2: 1. Dustin Larson (Worthington); 2. Luke Sathoff; 3. Doug Jenkins; 4. Dan Thate; 5. Jeff Luhmann.

Sports Mods

Feature: 1. Dan Paplow (Dundee); 2. Ben Ruby; 3. Greg Sidles; 4. Matthew Looft; 5. Jeff Carter; 6. Joey Lium; 7. Kyle Steuber; 8. Travis Greenfield; 9. Justin DeBoer; 10. Randy Winter; 11. Dustin Philipp; 12. Justin Schuder; 13. Ben Chukuske; 14. Lyle Sathoff; 15. Mark Garver; 16. Max Anderson; 17. Derek Shumski; 18. Andy Daschner; 19. Nathan Chukuske; 20. Logan Kelly.

Heat 1: 1. Jeff Carter (Mapleton); 2. Joey Lium; 3. Dustin Philipp; 4. Travis Greenfield; 5. Kyle Steuber; 6. Andy Daschner; 7. Max Anderson.

Heat 2: 1. Ben Chukuske (Sherburn); 2. Randy Winter; 3. Mark Garver; 4. Justin DeBoer; 5. Matthew Looft; 6. Lyle Sathoff; 7. Nathan Chukuske.

Heat 3: 1. Justin Schuder (Fairmont); 2. Dan Paplow; 3. Greg Sidles; 4. Ben Ruby; 5. Logan Kelly; 6. Derek Shumski.

Hobby Stocks

Feature: 1. Jeff Senne (Welcome); 2. Devin Smith; 3. Britten Swanson; 4. Chris Isaacson; 5. Tyler Ignaszewski; 6. Guy Kimpton; 7. Justin Luinenburg; 8. Rick Heenan; 9. Travis Werner; 10. Daniel Ricard; 11. Alan Stammer.

Heat 1: 1. Jeff Senne (Welcome); 2. Britten Swanson; 3. Justin Luinenburg; 4. Tyler Ignaszewski; 5. Alan Stammer; 6. Travis Werner.

Heat 2: 1. Devin Smith (Lake City, Iowa); 2. Rick Heenan; 3. Guy Kimpton; 4. Chris Isaacson; 5. Daniel Ricard.


Feature: 1. Mick Rykhus (Eagle Lake); 2. Nate Coopman; 3. Megan Lappegard; 4. Colby Lyons; 5. Jared Nicoson; 6. Joe Bunkofske.

Heat 1: 1. Megan Lappegard (Spencer, Iowa); 2. Jared Nicoson; 3. Nate Coopman; 4. Mick Rykhus; 5. Colby Lyons; 6. Joe Bunkofske.



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