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Larsons take three first-place finishes

June 30, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

FAIRMONT - Three Larsons won all three stock car races on Thursday at Fairmont Raceway.

Dustin Larson from Worthington took home the feature race first-place finish ahead of Dan Mackenthun, who finished second.

Jim Larson from Rushmore won Heat 1 ahead of Dan Thate from Fairmont and Dustin Wannarka from Winnebago. Jim Larson finished third in the feature race for the stock cars.

Jeffrey Larson from Lakefield finished first in Heat 2 ahead of Luke Sathoff from Jackson and Derek Green from Granada. Jeffery Larson finished fourth in the feature.

Racing continued last night. Those results will be in Monday's Sentinel.

Next Friday the action will be back at the Fairmont Raceway once again.


(June 28)


Feature: 1. Dustin Larson (Worthington); 2. Dan Mackenthun; 3. Jim Larson; 4. Jeffrey Larson; 5. Luke Sathoff; 6. Derek Green; 7. Ken Tietz; 8. Andrew Altenburg; 9. Dustin Wannarka; 10. Brent Reierson; 11. Dan Thate; 12. Ned Kalis.

Heat 1: 1. Jim Larson (Rushmore); 2. Dan Thate; 3. Dustin Wannarka; 4. Dan Mackenthun; 5. Dustin Larson; 6. Andrew Altenburg.

Heat 2: 1. Jeffery Larson (Lakefield); 2. Luke Sathoff; 3. Derek Green; 4. Ken Tietz; 5. Brent Reierson; 6. Ned Kalis.



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