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Constitution trampled

June 8, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

The utter, bald-faced hypocrisy with which Team Obama operates must be apparent to even the most casual observer by now. Even staunch supporters of Obama must be getting sick to their stomachs over the manner in which he and his minions trample the Constitution and laws they swore to protect and defend. There is little doubt that the objective of the Obama cabal is to take down America as we have known it and replace it with a utopian socialist workers paradise like that which exists in Cuba or some other banana republic. Total centralized planning right down to controlling how you die, not freedom, is what they have in mind for us.

Team Obama's war on religious freedom, which the progressives with the help of the lapdog media and their apologists have cast as the "conservatives war on women's right to contraception," is part of a vivid example of the two-faced dealings of Team Obama.

In response to Afghan outrage over the accidental burning of some Korans that had been seized from Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Obama Defense Department developed a sensitivity training course for U.S. military and civilian personnel in Afghanistan. The name of the mandatory course is, "Proper handling and disposal of Islamic Religious Materials: Service Members/Civilian Training." The last of the 11 slides in the course is the one that demonstrates the total hypocrisy with which Team Obama operates. It reads, and I quote, "We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others."

Apparently Team Obama believes that Islamic beliefs must be held sacred by our government, but the Constitution, laws, Christian beliefs and the consciences of those who object to the mandates of the Obama health scam here in the U.S. are simply minor impediments to be trampled while implementing Obamacare and the huge bureaucracy it has spawned.

It appears that Team Obama wants to actively promote Islam while totally stamping out religious freedom and the freedom to observe one's conscience here in the U.S.

Team Obama is ignoring established laws and the Constitution in trying to deprive us of our rights of conscience by mandating our participation in, and monetary support of, contraception and abortion matters. This fight is definitely about freedom of conscience and the Constitution and laws of the U.S., not about where some female law student can obtain contraceptives.

Harold King




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