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All eyes turn toward Wisconsin recall fight

June 5, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

There is a recall election taking place in Wisconsin today. Republican Gov. Scott Walker, his lieutenant governor and four Republican state senators are facing Democratic challengers. There is a lot at stake for Wisconsin, but maybe even more for the nation.

What Walker's administration has done is to upend a long-running political reality that was pushing the state into bankruptcy. Namely, he has broken the public employee unions' stranglehold on state government. Doing so has wiped out the state's $3.6 billion deficit, without raising taxes, and set up Wisconsin for a much brighter future, one that is fiscally responsible instead of corrupt and out of control.

By taking on the public employee unions, Walker invited their political backlash, which has taken the form of the recall effort. Other reform-minded governors, lawmakers and taxpayers around the country are watching Wisconsin today to see whether Walker's reason and common sense prevail, or if the state will fall back into the same old politics of bullying and payouts that result when government prefers to serve the bureaucrats instead of the taxpayers.

You can bet that the public employee unions and their allies know what is on the line today. We hope - and believe - the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin do as well. A victory by Walker means agendas of change such as his will be strengthened to keep moving forward. And that is what many states, and the country, need.



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