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North Korea right back to its usual methods

March 28, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Well, that didn't take long. Any doubt of whether new North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a chip off the old block has been erased. He is just like his late father and grandfather.

Just three months after he took power when his father died, Kim has made his diplomatic strategy clear. It involves continuing a military buildup while periodically agreeing to back away from it - then, after receiving foreign aid from the United States and other countries, breaking his word.

And why not? The policy worked very well for Kim's two predecessors.

Despite being warned, President Barack Obama has played right along. About two weeks ago, the North Koreans accepted Obama's offer of 240,000 tons of food in exchange for a suspension of their nuclear weapons program.

Then, Pyongyang revealed it plans to test a long-range missile, in violation of a United Nations ban.

Obama should be furious - but not surprised. Again, Kim's betrayal follows a pattern going back more than half a century.

U.S. policy for much of that time, under both Democrat and Republican presidents, has been virtually all North Korean leaders could desire. Meanwhile, Pyongyang is poised to obtain the technology to fire long-range nuclear missiles. Clearly, Obama should break the pattern.



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