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Et Cetera ...

February 11, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Was that a tumbleweed?

The city of Fairmont's decision to enforce the two-hour parking limit downtown this past week definitely had a result: More than plenty of available parking spaces. We think we saw a few tumbleweeds go drifting by too.

The city has made a mistake in instituting parking enforcement and $25 fines. Educating people to be respectful of the two-hour limit would have been preferable to a system that may now discourage downtown visitors.

City making amends

We will give the city credit for taking a step back late this week to re-assess the way it went about implementing the two-hour parking limit and the accompanying $25 tickets. The city decided to tear up the tickets issued Monday and Tuesday and give people more time to adjust to the change.

The city suddenly announced the new parking policy on Friday, Feb. 3, and began writing tickets on Monday. This almost seemed like an intentional grab for money, given the number of people who were going to be surprised by the ticketing.

We think the city restored some trust by deciding these fines were, indeed, unfair.

Legion supports vets

Fang Wong, national commander of the American Legion, was in Blue Earth this week. It was a great honor to have him bring to the area his message about supporting veterans.

Wong, a Vietnam vet, and other older veterans have been supporting the rights of those who serve in the military, making sure their country never forgets their sacrifice. We agree with Wong, who would like to see more younger veterans get involved in groups like the Legion. We hope these veterans will consider stepping forward. Either way, the Legion will be there for them.

Welcome, snowmobilers

We want to send out our warmest welcome to the good folks taking part in the snowmobile rendezvous at the Holiday Inn in Fairmont this weekend. The brown winter may not be to their liking, but we hope they find their visit to Fairmont hospitable.

We were especially amused by the diehard spirit of the "Mud Dogs," a group of guys who decided to snowmobile to the event regardless of the conditions. The group began their run in Lewisville, spending four hours getting to Fairmont. Now that's a group committed to the sport.



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