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Dayton is confused

February 11, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Sentinel for running the opinion of Gov. Mark Dayton on how to create jobs.

It is sad how confused the governor is. Every time we take taxpayer money and give it to a government employee, less money is available for owners of business small and large to spend creating jobs. This is simple arithmetic.

What could this Legislature do to stimulate jobs? Allow me to humbly submit a simple plan. Eliminate real estate taxes. First thing happens, thousands of tax collector jobs are eliminated. This frees up hundreds of millions of tax dollars. Calculating and collecting real estate taxes is expensive.

Simply replace the lost revenue with dollars generated by taxes such as income tax and sales tax, which are self-collecting. Then create a plan to parcel out money for cities, counties, townships and school districts. Such formulas already exist.

Just imagine how business will be attracted to Minnesota, the state with no real estate taxes on homes, business, factories, farms or anything else.

This is not a pipe dream, this can be done quickly. Contact your legislators.

John Rosa




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