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Dog dead; nothing done

January 23, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

I am writing because I want my story heard. It seems no one really cares about what happened to my dogs, so I want you to tell my story. Here it is ...

I was always skeptical about pitbulls after my son was attacked by one at age 2, but the minute I met my Chevy and my Rosie, everything changed. The women we got them from had bottle-fed Chevy since he was a young pup, and she saved Rosie from some abusive people. When she could not keep them anymore, she gave them to my two roommates because she thought she was giving them to a good home. Little did she know what would happen a couple months later.

When the dogs came home to our house, I instantly fell in love with both of them. They were amazing and loving dogs in every way. Chevy was an American pit and Rosie was a red nose pit.

Well, when one roommate went to jail, he thought his dog was going to be well taken care of. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all. Our other roommate would lock the dogs in their kennel for days, leaving them without food or water. On top of that, they would be sitting in their own feces and urine. When he was not home, I would let them out, feed and water them, and take them out to the bathroom, because if I tried to when he was home, he would get mad.

At one point, when he did take Rosie out to the bathroom, he tried to get her to go back in her kennel and she did not want, because at this point she was scared of being trapped in it. He grabbed her by her collar and hit her head hard against the bedroom door frame twice, yelling, "You will start listening to me." She was so scared she ran for the one thing she had become scared of, her kennel. He left her in there for four days straight.

I was scared to even say anything at this point because of how violent he was getting with the animals.

Chevy was stuck in his kennel all the time with a blanket over it. The smell of urine and dog feces was strong in the house at this point. He would kick the kennels and yell at the dogs to shut up.

One day, he and I got into a fight, causing me to be kicked out. It is a day I will regret for the rest of my life, because it was not long after that Chevy died. Chevy had worms, so I brought the medication to him and he was given it, from what I was told, but then Chevy was locked back in a kennel full of feces and urine.

A couple days later, my abusive ex-roommate went to put some food in the kennel and when Chevy ran out. My former roommate got so angry that he grabbed Chevy by the collar, tossing him against the ceiling. Chevy was then put back in the kennel.

I received a call on New Year's Eve that I will never forget. It was a call from a girl who had moved in to my old place a couple weeks prior, telling me Chevy was dead. I raced to the house and found Rosie locked in my old bedroom. The whole room smelled, and there was urine and feces all over it. She had been in there for at least three days.

I called the cops and pressed charges of animal abuse, neglect and cruelty. My ex-roommate left Chevy dead in the kennel in the house for almost a week with the kennel full of feces, vomit and urine. When Chevy was pulled out of the house, he was nothing but skin and bones.

The previous owner of Rosie came and got her and took her to the vet to find that she had welts all over her body. These dogs were two of the most-loving dogs ever and they did not deserve the starvation, abuse and the neglect. I was able to save Rosie but it still haunts me that I was not able to save Chevy. Rosie is now in a good home filled with love and warmth, which is what she needs right now, and I still stay in contact with them.

The guy who did this to Chevy needs to be punished and Chevy needs to be remembered for the loving dog he was. No charges have been filed at this time and I think that is sad because it's almost like we are telling our community it's OK to behave in this manner when it is not.

The reason I am writing this is because people get away with this stuff all the time and it needs to stop. Imagine if this stuff was happening to you and there was nothing that you could do to stop it.

Stephanie Danielson




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