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Give him the money to watch it be wasted

January 18, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Congress should give President Barack Obama the $12 million he says he wants to promote job creation in the United States by foreign companies. Then, in a year or so, it should demand an honest accounting of how the money has been spent.

It requires no guesswork to predict most of the funds would be spent on bureaucratic machinery and to aid companies that strike the president's fancy - like the solar energy firms on which hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been lost on Obama's watch.

Obama still doesn't get it: The private sector, not government, creates jobs. General tax relief and a predictable, rational regulatory environment are the only incentives needed for that to happen.

Wasting hundreds of billions of dollars in "stimulus" and "alternative energy" programs simply doesn't work.

Why give the White House $12 million more to waste? Simple: Because the amount is small enough to be tracked easily and accurately. In addition, it is typical of Obama's "job creation" initiatives, a microcosm of them, in a way.

So give him the money, but require an honest report on what is accomplishes - by, say, the week before the general election later this year.



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