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Et Cetera ...

December 31, 2011
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Coverage overblown

You can tell it's a slow time of year for the news. The way some media outlets have treated the Republican Party of Minnesota, you'd think the organization had almost collapsed. True, it has some financial issues. True, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch left her post in disgrace.

The latter problem was solved already this week with the election of Sen. Dave Senjem to replace Koch. The financial issues will be resolved in due course.

The future of the party was never in doubt. Some of the media-driven drama was much ado about nothing.

Nothing anyone can do

We suppose that just about everything that happens in life has an upside and downside. Take the lack of snow this winter. That has left hurting the businesses that depend on snow-loving outdoors enthusiasts or people who just want their driveways plowed. Obviously, the outdoors-lovers aren't thrilled either.

At the same time, people are paying less for heating bills, and cities and counties - therefore taxpayers - are saving on plowing and salting expenses, as well as overtime for snow removal crews. Travel too has been easy this winter.

In the end, none of us can do anything about the weather, so we suggest people just grin and bear it, or just grin.

Iowans: Go to caucuses

Have you had enough of all the noise and politicking leading up to the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses? Well, it will soon be over, and the politicians won't return in full force to Iowa for another four years.

We're sure our neighbors across the border are looking forward to seeing all the TV?ads come to a screeching halt. At the same time, we hope they haven't been too soured on a long process that has seen some incredible ups and downs among varioius candidates. We encourage Iowans to head to their caucuses Tuesday. We hope they remember that the event is really about helping choose a good alternative for national leadership. It's an honor and a responsibility that Iowans should hold dear.



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