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Clinic focuses on eating right

August 20, 2011
Jodelle Greiner - Staff Writer , Fairmont Sentinel

BLUE EARTH - Ideal Weigh to B is not about losing weight, says Breanna Ludeman. It's about feeding your body what it needs to be healthy.

"Eighty percent of what you look like is what you put in your mouth," she said. "Exercise is not the most effective way for weight loss."

Ludeman opened her third clinic in Blue Earth last month. The first two are in Mankato and Lindstrom. Ludeman is originally from Lindstrom and now lives in North Mankato with her husband, Sander, and two sons.

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Breanna Ludeman, right, and Sheryl Eckhardt check out products for Ludeman’s new business “Ideal Weigh to B” in Blue Earth.

Ludeman learned about Ideal Weigh to B when she was competing in the Mrs. Minnesota pageant last year. Ideal Protein, the parent company of Ideal Weigh to B, was a sponsor of the pageant.

"I only had 18 pounds to lose," said Ludeman, describing herself as "the skinny fat girl" with more internal fat. "I did some research; I was pleasantly surprised by the scientific backing."

That was important to her since she's a registered nurse and a certified personal trainer.

"Ideal Protein has been around for 25 years," Ludeman said. "It's an FDA approved and medically supervised program. To have a clinic, you have to be a medical professional."

Ideal Weigh to B is not a fad diet, and not an exercise program.

"We educate you from the time you come in the door to the rest of your life," Ludeman said. "We work on resetting the pancreas. Weight loss is a side-effect."

Most diets don't work because they starve the cells and the person loses lean muscle, which lowers metabolism, Ludeman said.

"So many times, diets are about starving yourself," Ludeman said. "We make you eat. They come in here and say 'I can't eat all this food.'"

The Ideal Weigh to Be diet is protein-based.

"Protein is vital. Everything in your body is protein: nails, hair, skin," said Ludeman. "Ideal Weigh to B spares lean muscle. Lean muscle is metabolism. You can build muscle because you're consuming protein."

People fail at diets because of a "lack of motivation and a lack of accountability," she said. "We meet with you on a weekly basis and set you up for success."

Sheryl Eckhardt of Blue Earth lost 30 pounds, 33 inches and 11 percent body fat in just three months. She is now the wellness and diet coach at the Blue Earth clinic. She said her husband, Joel, lost 15 pounds just following the program with her for supper.

"To me, it was exciting to lose the fat," Eckhardt said. "I think this program is all about helping people get healthy."

The original diet was developed by Dr. Chanh Tran Tien for Olympic athletes, Ludeman said, and he is still involved in the program.

The program has four phases. Phase 1 combines Ideal Protein packets with vegetables, lettuce and meat for three meals and a snack until 90 percent of the weight loss goal is reached. Phase 2 is followed until the goal weight is reached. Phase 3 re-introduces healthy carbohydrates and fats in the morning only and Phase 4 is the maintenance phase, which Ludeman follows herself.

Her intent is to educate people on how to read labels and "determine if foods are carbs, proteins or fats" and how to combine them correctly.

"Ideal Protein just got approved in a major medical study and a major cancer hospital, linking sugar to the growth of cancer," said Ludeman, adding that all kinds of illnesses have been linked to sugar while eating healthy can diminish the effects of diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

"Our goal is to help everyone reach their goal to become healthier and potentially lose weight on the journey," Ludeman said.



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