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Walz’s solution clear: Time for more taxation

April 1, 2010
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith

Fresh off his vote to vastly expand the role of the federal government (via the health care takeover), our congressman, Tim Walz, was back in his district this week talking about solving the national debt problem. Only politicians can do things like this without dropping dead from embarrassment.

Walz's vote on health care was naive, at best. He may believe the utterly unbelievable notion that the health care bill will only cost $1 trillion over 10 years. Of course, that figure doesn't include a variety of budget gimmicks. Nor does it take into account the fact that every estimate of every major government social program ever has far underestimated the real costs. Hence the reason Social Security and Medicare face tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.

This is not to say Walz doesn't understand the problems debt entails. He told students in St. Charles: "A skyrocketing debt will have a real impact on your future and we have to work together to get it under control."

Unfortunately, by "working together" Walz means raising taxes. He says so in politician-speak: "The only way we will ever find solutions to this difficult challenge is to put partisanship aside, take a balanced approach and engage all Americans, especially young people, to make the hard, necessary choices."

Walz is a Democrat. Republicans who oppose his views oppose raising taxes. Hence "putting partisanship aside," in Walz's book means higher taxes. As does "taking a balanced approach" and making "the hard, necessary choices."

Granted, Walz may favor some budget cuts as well. That always begs the question: Why not start with the cuts?

Contrary to Walz's "balanced approach," we suggest that what the federal goverment needs to do is back off. Repealing health care reform is the first step, followed by others - over time - that dismantle welfare statism. America was founded on the principle of liberty, not socialism. We must look to our roots.



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