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This is sacrosanct issue

August 6, 2013

To the Editor: It was with great surprise to see the Sentinel headline (Aug. 1) herald, “Gay marriage hits Minnesota.” Well, people, it’s about tim....

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Aug-11-13 10:24 AM

It's obvious bases on the comments here, that people will continue to be hated and ridiculed based on their sexuality. 'Who am I to judge'.

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Aug-08-13 10:26 AM

the same week they allow gay marriage comes the first gay divorce. I'll bet thats civil

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Aug-07-13 6:17 PM

For those of you who think being gay is a choice: Who would choose to subject themselves to the kind of hate these comments show?

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Aug-07-13 10:59 AM

Holding hands in public is fine, but I don't want to see any more PDA than that straight or gay.

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Aug-07-13 9:18 AM

MasterChief - My comment was not about allowing people to 'love whom they want', nor was it based on religious beliefs or the Bible. The thought of sex between 2 men/women sickens me and I abhor seeing their public displays of affection.

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Aug-07-13 7:51 AM

It's all about the MONEY. No matter what they say or what guise they argue. Surviving spouse benefits trump the equality BS they spew.

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Aug-07-13 1:55 AM

I have a good friend whose gay son and his partner were married today in NY. Both guys have parents and families who are supportive and celebrated with them. They love their sons. And they are good church-going, Christian people.

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Aug-07-13 1:52 AM

This is about the same rights under the law for everybody. Churches can continue to discriminate, they can continue to refuse to marry same sex couples. Even though these couples may have been together for 38 or 41 years, as some reported on the news. I'm sure you all know many of your "approved" marriages that do not last nearly that long!

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Aug-06-13 6:09 PM

The verses are Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. First, Thou shalt not lie with a man, as with a woman: it is abomination. Second, If a man lie with a man, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Not to mention that it is disgusting. But since all of us our sinners including me, we are not the ones we need to worry about as far as judging. If you care, God is the one who will be the Judge who you have to worry about. At least I will. And I'm glad that thisone isn't an issue for me. It started with Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. But your entitled to your belief just like I am. Good luck.

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Aug-06-13 4:39 PM

"123456" You sicken me, allow people to love whom they want, believe it or not, but marriage was here lonnnnggg before any sort of religion was, why shouldn't people be aloud to marry and have the same rights, its religious bigots like you who are holding the country back. I don't like seeing old people kiss and hug in public so does that make it something to protest about? no. because its seen as normal, do me a favor, pray to your giant spaghetti monster some more.

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Aug-06-13 3:46 PM

Tom Dodge - noone is 'legislating love'. What is being legislated is gay 'marriage'; it is the most repulsive, immoral, sacrilegious and grossest thought imaginable! Society was healthier when gays were in the closet and we were not subject to their parades and public displays of affection.

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