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Tyranny is revealed

May 16, 2013

To the Editor: Concerning the recent findings of how the Internal Revenue Service has prejudicially targeted conservative groups including the Tea Party, I am appalled at the tyranny our government......

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May-21-13 8:11 AM

@fairmontssg You really come across as ignorant with your comment, obviously at this point democrat, and liberal are used almost interchangeably, I'm not sticking up for the dems, just pointing out that the other party is JUST AS BAD. Funny how short this countries memory is, how terrible things were under bush.. least popular president in history, multiple abuses of power, we blast obumma for not getting us out of recession fast enough, but give bush a pass for getting us there to begin with, we want out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and close Guantanamo, who put s in all THREE of those messes? Wake up people, Obama is terrible, but no worse than Bush or any other establishment politician.. it'll never get any better as long as we allow this farce that they have the audacity to call democracy continue.. But go ahead, attack me for being too liberal, or to conservative, worship your savior, whether it be bush, or Clinton... Reagan or Carter, and pay no attention to where that has gotten us

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May-17-13 4:34 PM

@Leroy83, the only person making this a "Liberal" problem is you. Mr. Sodeman has only cited the Democrat party and the current administration. But, like my grandpa used to say, "...if the shoe fits..."

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May-16-13 11:06 PM

Not sure why your comments make this a liberal problem, republicans abuse their power too... Our entire government has gotten way out of hand, from the Feds, to the state, and even some local governments and school boards.. They forget that the power comes from US not them.. If there is one thing the republicans and the democrats can agree on it is that they MUST do whatever possible to maintain the two party status quo, some of the only laws that have gotten true bipartisan support over the last 15 years have been little known laws that make it next to Impossible for a third party to ever gain any real power, and we as citizens, as well as the media make it worse by just automatically disregarding any third party candidate because "they can't win" GUESS WHAT?! Both the Dems and Reps were once third party's! Never in the history of this Nation has it been so difficult for a third party to get attention, as long as we're distracted arguing Dem vs Rep, we can't see that both a

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May-16-13 4:59 PM

People on the left do not care about government abuses! Plain and simple.

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