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This is about control

January 18, 2013

To the Editor: The tragedy in Newtown has provided the Left with another excuse to attempt a major push toward its long sought-after goal of registration of the firearms owned by law-abiding......

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Jan-25-13 9:54 AM

madmarine It takes one shot to disable someone not 30. I hope where we live in rural minnesota is not a combat zone. Maybe offering a hotdish will stop the violence.

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Jan-24-13 11:34 PM

So, why is it okay for one social class to take advantage of government loopholes, but not another? And why would it matter who pays more in taxes on whether exploiting a loophole is ethically right or wrong. Notice I said ethically, because it can be unethical, but still legal(this applies to both social classes). Something's not adding up.....

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Jan-24-13 2:45 PM

If there are loopholes, how is using them abuse? Are they doing something illegal? They still pay way more taxes in one year than youever will in your lifetime.

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Jan-24-13 12:25 PM

Caring101 - you speak of people who abuse a system that was designed for people who truly need help. I agree it's a problem. But how is that worse than the rich exploiting tax loop holes in order not to pay?

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Jan-24-13 6:32 AM

With all of this "control" about guns, Where is the "control" on mental health issues?

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Jan-23-13 3:59 PM

When seconds count....the police are just minutes away.

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Jan-23-13 11:41 AM

middleton, break into my house at night, or threaten my wife or children on the street and I will show you why we need them. Keep living in your fantasy world where everyone is happy and friendly and shares a hotdish. If you ever need a gun like this, you will REALLY need it.

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Jan-23-13 10:05 AM

What do we need these fast firing weapons for? Time to get rid of them.

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Jan-22-13 1:56 AM

Jeff, thank goodness for a voice of reason. A welcome relief from the anger and paranoia and promoters of misinformation.

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Jan-21-13 5:47 PM

Jeff, you like the masses assume that all of the government programs you named HAVE to be provided by the worst run company in the nation. Most of those could be privatized and run much more efficiently. Try to think for yourself a little please.

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Jan-21-13 2:12 PM

Yes Jeff I do drive on public roads and I did recieve a public education but I would hardly call that relying on the governement since I pay plenty of taxes. I am talking about people who are completely capable of working but are just too lazy too. It is sad that you apparently are ok that your tax money goes to support lazy people. I do not think that everyone takes advantage of the government but I think a fair amount do. I work hard for my money and dont think I should go to people that want to sit on there butts and have 10 kids. You want that many kids you should take care of them and not us hard working tax payers. I am not opposed to change if it is logical, outlawing guns and legalizing pot is not logical in my mind.

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Jan-21-13 1:12 PM

caring101, you're not even close to right. 100% of Americans rely on government. To live in our society we all rely on public education in some way, on roads and bridges, on police and fire protection, on electricity, on healthcare in some form, etc. Like or not, we all have given up some of our "rights" to live in this democratic republic. You and others like you are the problem. You aren't farsighted enough to know that the demographics of our country are quite different than just 20 or 30 years ago, and they will continue to change. Quit resisting change in favor of clinging to ideal that were never promised or realized in the Constitution. We are a nation of immigrants and a nation that is changing. Always have been, always will. If you don't stop resisting change, you're going to end up going nuts.

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Jan-20-13 10:18 AM

I am so concerned with were America is going. We are passing laws to allow people to use drugs legally and taking away honest Americans rights to have a gun to protect themselves and there families. Obama will not be happy just making gun laws more stict he will not stop until he comes into our homes and take our guns away. Guns do not Kill people, people kill people. Look at other countries history with taking away citizens guns, there crime rate sky rockets, but America will be differnt, YA RIGHT. Obama will not stop with his radical behavior unless we stop him, he wants to sabatosh this country and what is used to stand for. Freedom what freedom will we have if he takes guns away and keeps raising taxes so we cant afford to live. I think he wants 100% of Americans to rely on the government to take care of them, well he is half way there almost 50% of Americans are on government assistence, very sad that people don't know or have to work to provide for there families.

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Jan-19-13 8:58 AM

Obama is all about one thing federal govt. control. He is a lair and a complete phoney and will do anything to gain more control and sadly at the expense of this great country! The next 4 yrs. are going to be some of the worst in history.

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Jan-18-13 6:04 AM

I have an idea to solve all our problems. Let's pass laws banning drugs, drunk driving, murder, bank robbery, etc. That should put an end to all these crimes. Oh wait, we already have laws like that? Well then these problems are gone cause I'm positive criminals and crazy people always obey the law.

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