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Variety of providers ensure medical care

July 21, 2016 People want to see their own doctor. more »»

Bigger problem at State than just Hillary Clinton

July 20, 2016 It turns out Hillary Clinton had an option she did not use — probably wisely — in defending her use of personal email servers for official business while she was secretary of state: Everyone else is... more »»

Citizens should watch their harsh rhetoric

July 19, 2016 It has been said of the men and women in law enforcement that they “have targets on their backs. more »»

Time for world powers to join all-out campaign

July 18, 2016 How is it that a few small terrorist groups with relatively limited resources have been able to kill so many people in so many different places? We know the answer to that, but it raises another... more »»

Zierke deal will boost economic development

July 15, 2016 The big news in Fairmont this week is in economic development, with Zierke Built Manufacturing of Winnebago planning a move to Fairmont by spring. more »»

Government can’t have it both ways on secrecy

July 14, 2016 Secrecy over technology is unacceptable when the prosecutors need evidence, government lawyers argued in the Apple cellphone situation a few months ago. more »»

Band thanks community

July 13, 2016 To the Editor: I had the extreme honor of taking 131 students and 12 chaperones on a trip to the East Coast, specifically the areas of Washington, D.C. more »»

Minnesotans should exert some pressure

July 12, 2016 Minnesotans need to raise a fuss if we’re ever going to get state leaders to agree on a special session this summer. The Legislature left a lot of important business undone this yea. more »»

Exonerated? Clinton has a lot to explain still

July 11, 2016 The FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton has concluded that Clinton’s use of her own e-mail server while Secretary of State is not sufficient to bring criminal charge. more »»

Et cetera ...

July 9, 2016 County moves forward Martin County commissioners moved forward this week on some needed technology upgrades. more »»

Minnesota reports: abortions at 35-year low

July 8, 2016 An abortion is a failure. We mean this is the broadest sense, without suggesting that women should lose their reproductive rights or dominion over their bodie. more »»

Medical pot marking one year in Minnesota

July 7, 2016 Minnesota has reached the one-year anniversary of its experiment with medical marijuana. The results are mixed. more »»

Authority to write laws belongs to Congress

July 6, 2016 President Barack Obama lashed out recently over a federal judge’s ruling. Obama is upset because he is not being permitted to circumvent the Constitutio. more »»

Lawmaking power resides with Congress

July 5, 2016 President Barack Obama is accustomed to getting his way, even when that means trampling the Constitution. more »»

Et Cetera ...

July 2, 2016 Council will miss Clerc Wes Clerc has been a conscientious leader and voice of reason on the Fairmont City Council for 25 years. more »»

After 17 years, it’s time for higher inspection fees

July 1, 2016 Martin County enacted a feedlot ordinance and inspection system almost two decades ago. The idea was to ensure the protection of surface and ground water. more »»

Obama in no position to criticize GOP plans

June 30, 2016 Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a plan to help more Americans obtain health insurance. more »»

‘Sit-in’ was complete and total political stunt

June 29, 2016 Proponents of new limits on gun ownership should be furious with Democrats in the House of Representatives for the purely political “sit-in” demonstration they staged over gun control. more »»

U.S. should make clear that we support the U.K.

June 28, 2016 The United Kingdom’s people and government are among the oldest, warmest, staunchest friends we Americans have. Surely U.K. more »»

U.S. cannot take more Obama-style economics

June 27, 2016 President Barack Obama keeps telling us the economy is humming right along, restored to good health by his policies. But people who know the economy are not as certain of that. more »»



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