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‘Overreach’? What about any effort at all?

February 10, 2015 “The United States will always defend our interests and uphold our commitments to allies and partners,” President Barack Obama wrote in the introduction to a foreign policy statement he sent to... more »»

Nothing 'practical' about what Obama is proposing

February 8, 2015 More and more of what Americans work hard to produce is being taken out of our pockets and sent to Washington. more »»

Et Cetera ...

February 7, 2015 Thanks, plowing crews We add our thanks and appreciation to the crews in the area that plow roads and streets. more »»

States can help tackle U.S. deficit problems

February 6, 2015 It is no wonder that Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been received so favorably on his multi-state tour on behalf of a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. more »»

Funeral homes don’t need more regulation

February 5, 2015 We believe our area funeral homes and the people who work there fundamentally care about their wor. more »»

College savings plans should be preserved

February 4, 2015 Making community college free for virtually anyone who wants to attend is a plan President Barack Obama is eager for the public to know about — and, of course, to be grateful to him as its author. more »»

No time for Congress to end spending limits

February 3, 2015 Barely had “sequestration” — the government spending limits Congress put in place Jan. 1, 2013 — celebrated its second anniversary when President Barack Obama urged throwing any restraint to the wind. more »»

Coal industry, others need consistent rules

February 2, 2015 Businesses find it difficult to function in an on-again, off-again regulatory environment. While government rules may change from time to time, some consistency is essential. more »»

Et Cetera ...

January 31, 2015 City doing what it can Fairmont Foods has announced it is closing mid-March. The accompanying emotions and analyses vary. Some people are angry and blaming City Hall, for supposedly not doing enoug. more »»

‘Achievement gap’ is incredibly daunting task

January 30, 2015 Political leaders in the state of Minnesota believe they have come up with some solutions to reducing the achievement gap between white students and students of color. more »»

Process will hit wall without needed funding

January 29, 2015 We approve wholeheartedly of Project 1590 in Fairmont. It is a grassroots attempt to gain public input on what things citizens want for their city, or want it to be. more »»

Only voters can hold leaders accountable

January 28, 2015 Many Americans are finally waking up to the damage being done by the $18 trillion national debt, both now and to future generation. more »»

Asset forfeiture power needs to be reined in

January 27, 2015 When asset forfeiture power was added to the tools law enforcement agencies have several years ago, some people applauded the mov. more »»

Feds may be adding to cybersecurity woes

January 26, 2015 Even as President Barack Obama was using his State of the Union speech to recommend stronger cybersecurity for Americans, his administration was engaged in perhaps the most massive exchange of... more »»

Et Cetera ...

January 24, 2015 New developer on board The city of Fairmont has hired a new economic development director. more »»

Truman digging into real possible solutions

January 23, 2015 Some Truman school board members took a big, courageous step this week, publicly stating they are considering a pairing option with Granada-Huntley-East Chain. more »»

School financing laws seem to have big flaws

January 22, 2015 It’s difficult to imagine how out of whack some school funding issues have become in Minnesota. more »»

Police ensure that our freedoms remain whole

January 21, 2015 Much has been written, and rightly so, about freedom of the press and the 10 French journalists killed in the Jan. 7 massacre at the Paris office of the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspape. more »»

Pipeline would help ensure steady supplies

January 20, 2015 An objection to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline being made by some of its liberal opponents may be based on the fact at least 60 percent of Americans are too young to remember the 1973 Arab oil... more »»

With project in works, politics may cost money

January 19, 2015 Most people understand office politics to be the kind of skullduggery, currying of favor and machinations that take place at work. more »»



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