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Dream interpretations

January 22, 2013 - Jennifer Brookens
Once in awhile, I will have some really weird dreams. In a way, they're entertaining since my co-workers always seem to get a chuckle out of the ones I choose to share. (Such as last week's dream where I caught Rush Limbaugh cheating at playing Scrabble, and he started blubbering about how all he had was a Q and a bunch of Os).

I started looking up dream translations, and yes, there was a translation for even an oddball dream such as this one. I'll spare you my psychological babble, but it is interesting that what may seem to be the most random of dreams do turn out to have some significant meaning. Like the dream where I had my van towed because it was half a block away from where a former governor was making an appearance. Or me taking care of a group of puppies, but I couldn't remember which ones were to stay outside and which ones stayed inside. Bizarre, yet some of the translations offered make a lot of sense.

Or it could be all the cold meds I'm taking. Either way, it keeps things interesting.


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Jan-23-13 12:45 AM

Don't be too reliant on translations. You'll likely find you're learning more about the translator's dreamworld than your own. Do some free associations and, if your dreams are like mine, watch out for puns and sight gags.

Just as a guess, I'd say the puppies who are supposed to be inside are the ones who keep getting out; and the ones who are supposed to be outside are the ones constantly finding ways to get in or, at least, constantly and loudly scratching, banging and barking to get in. A lot like some days in the waking world!


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