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Love Hurts...

October 29, 2012 - Jennifer Brookens
I'm a week behind on my blogging. I have the regular excuses such as election coverage, and other reporter chores that needed to be addressed. Then there's the hiatus when I feared my son gave me a broken nose and concussion.

Not to be confused with Jerry Springer-style family dysfunction, my son is only five and I'm pretty sure it was accidental (this time). It was a typical evening; after a little family time, I was attempting to herd the children upstairs for baths and bedtime. Naturally, there is a protest, even if they are tired. So as I got up from the couch to start the herd, my son yells, "No!" and comes bearing at me, head first. I think he was expecting to run into my squishy belly instead, but as I was getting up his bowling-ball hard head collided right with the bridge of my nose! I heard a "CRACK" someplace in there. I was blinded by the pain... and then my memory gets a little fuzzy. I remember my son following me and asking if I was OK as I fished the ice pack out of the freezer. (Which told me he was genuinely concerned. That is not always the case for this little rough-housing boy). The Boy was rubbing his head some as well. We both took some ibuprofen, and The Boy was smart enough not to fight the bedtime routine.

The next morning, the roaring headache I developed last night after the head-butt was worse. The nose was not hurting as much, and not as bruised and swollen as I imagined. But I was off-kilter all morning; leaving doors open and lights on at the house, and it hurt to look at the computer screen.

"Maybe you have a concussion," a co-worker suggested. That certainly explained the "scrambled eggs for brains" feeling I was having. I wrote an article on concussions earlier this year, and knew the only thing I could do was rest in a dark room. But getting confirmation on that was another story. The insta-clinic wouldn't let me past the front desk as soon as I said concussion - they told me to go to the ER. But I couldn't bring myself to spend $400 on an ER visit only to be told to go home and rest. After more urging by friends, family and co-workers, I made an official doctor's appointment the next day and spent the rest of the day hiding under blankets.

Of course by the next day, my headache hardly phased me. I ended up getting x-rays (so much for being a cheapskate) which revealed no broken bones and just swelling. But by then, I already had a new injury. The Boy attempted to get a "Piggyback" ride from me as I was attempting to pick something up off the floor, and now my lower back is killing me... Love hurts.


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