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"The Terrible Toilet"

September 24, 2012 - Jennifer Brookens
Drip, drip, drip. The first clue that something was wrong. Then it became more steady: plip-plip-plip-plip-plip!

This was not the regular two or three drips we were used to seeing from the terrible toilet. This was worse.

The terrible toilet had been a problem since shortly after we bought the house seven years ago. The Terrible toilet didn't like being crawled on. Our daughter, then our son as they were getting potty trained, would climb on like little monkeys. We had to replace the seal once after our daughter's climbing made the base of the terrible toilet leak.

I remember the first time it rained in our front entryway. It started with the drip-drip-drip, then to the plip-plip-plip-plip, then WHOOSH! It was a downpour summer storm right inside our front door! It was the first seal failure of the Terrible Toilet. A new seal and $100+ dollars later, we'd still see a leak every now and then. We learned not to flush when the kids were taking a bath and the tub was full (More weight on the floor caused more leaking). I noticed the puddles, but just kept the dish towels nearby.

Then Sunday was the fateful day the Terrible Toilet would have its revenge. It was the drip-drip-drip that I always wrote off. Then came the plip-plip-plip... and WHOOSH! Into the front hallway and into the dining room downstairs it was raining, it was pouring! Water covered the entire bathroom floor, across the upstairs hallway and into the office/clutter room where the water found it's way through the floorboards and rained on our dining room table.

"That's a terrible toilet," my daughter said crying, she being the one who had the fateful flush.

That wasn't all the terrible toilet had done. It had waited until other appliances and fixtures had started a rebellion. How convenient we had a dead dryer, a snapped sink spigot, and weakened, weathered window sills that all demand fixing and replacing.

Anyone know of a hearty handyman?


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