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Random thoughts

January 26, 2012 - Jennifer Brookens
All week, I've been trying to formulate a blog on one topic. Hasn't worked. So here are some meandering thoughts I've had throughout the week...

1) So Mitt Romney makes $374,000 for speaking fees. A one-time deal like that would wipe out all our family's debt, fund the children's college funds and our retirement, plus a little left over to enjoy life. Where do I get that kind of gig?!

2) Having milder weather for at least part of January made the month that seems to drag forever go a little faster. With warmer temps and sunshine, I've noticed feeling better than I usually do in winter. Which leads to...

3) I still am working on that gym motivation. I've stumbled on the walking now that there's ice and snow all over, but I've managed to stay away from the Cheez-Its. Now to recover my motivation... Maybe I need to go see my doctor again, since she kind of lit the fire in me the first time - thanks Dr. Sophie!

4) My daughter has become such a social butterfly, I practically need to get a date calendar for her! With friends asking for her to visit, go on trips, plus her Girl Scout adventures, I feel like I'm getting a glimpse into her teenage years. *must STOP! Getting sentimental...* On that note, she's asked us for a phone. A PHONE in second grade?! She claims that one of her classmates has an iPhone. REALLY?! I told her that Daddy and I get upgraded phones first before anything else. No way is the kid getting a better phone than me.

5) Is it bad that I'm already planning some possible Spring Break vacation time? Trouble is, can we afford to go anywhere if the gas prices keep jerking us around?! Maybe I should just root for global warming and let the beach come to us! (Of course, no offense intended to the other 5/6 of the U.S. that would likely be destroyed for that scenario. Like I said, just random passing thoughts here).

6) When is that law that outlaws the obnoxious volume boost for commercials going to take effect? It was signed in Dec. 2010 and they were given a year, but if anything, these commercials seem to be getting even louder. Talk about a way to guarantee you won't be getting my ratings (since most of these seem to be for other TV shows or movies) or spending cash!

7) Is it the weekend yet?


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