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Finding Bigfoot

January 16, 2012 - Jodelle Greiner
I have to confess I have been watching “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet. New episodes air at 10 p.m. Sundays.

Ever since Roger Patterson shot his footage of an ape-like creature walking near the Klamath River, Calif., in 1967, people have wondered if “Bigfoot” or Sasquatches really exist.

Tracking the elusive creature for “Finding Bigfoot” and trying to find proof of its existence are Matt, Cliff, Bobo and Ranae. The team goes to areas all over the United States and, apparently Canada, to talk to people who think they have seen a Bigfoot or Sasquatch — or “squatch” as the team frequently calls them.

The show does a good job of piquing the viewers’ interest with tales from ordinary folks who tell of their encounters, sometimes scary, with big hairy humanoid... SOMETHINGS... including casts of the tracks and video footage. The video that got my attention was one where it looks like a family camping trip, but you can see in the background, an ape-like form swinging high in a tree.

The team goes out to the areas where the encounters happened and Bobo, who’s a tall, big guy himself, re-enacts the movements of the creature so the people can tell if he’s as tall or shorter than what they saw. It’s fun to see Bobo try to match the long, swinging stride of the creature in the video and move through underbrush slowly and off-balance, in contrast to the grace and power displayed by the creature.

Every episode finds the team going out on night hunts for Bigfoot to see if they can hear them howling or throwing things, tempt the creatures with a nice little bunny or small monkey, or even flush one past each other in the woods.

Every episode, the team gathers to discuss what they heard and saw and if they think there’s a Bigfoot in the area. Sometimes they’re convinced there must be, other times, they admit they’ve struck out and nothing seems to be out there.

Even though it’s hard to discount the sheer number of people who claim to have seen a Bigfoot, I guess I’m still a skeptic. One of the questions that keeps popping into my mind is: if Sasquatches exist, why haven’t we found any skeletons of these beings? I’d like someone to answer that.

So far, the team has not proven the large creatures exist, but it’s fun to watch them try.

For more information, visit and type in “Bigfoot” or look up the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, ( which tracks Bigfoot sightings, among other things. By the way, no sightings have been reported in Martin, Faribault, Blue Earth or Watonwan counties, according to the site. Most of the sightings in Minnesota have taken place in the northern part of the state, with St. Louis County way up north totaling the most. The most southern sighting in Minnesota was Scott County, just southwest of the Twin Cities, although La Crosse County, Wisc., just over the Mississippi River, reported a sighting. Have fun doing your own research.


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