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More phone misadventures

September 9, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
After a busy Labor Day weekend on the clock, I'm finally getting my day off. But instead of doing the self-promised chores (cleaning, boxing up giveaway stuff, looking into home improvement loans) I've been retracing yesterday's steps looking for my phone.

It was bad enough the night before when I "lost" it before I realized I already had it on my nightstand as my alarm. Not only did I manage to wake up the husband, he learned that I had put the Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden" as his ringtone. Apparantly, he got his revenge the next morning by talking about it on his show, because when I brought up that I lost my phone last night, I had a few people say, "Again?!" (OK, I do have to look for my phone a lot, but usually find it within a few minutes). But last night was different. I went around the house with the cordless, trying upstairs, downstairs, laundry drop room, van. I called the office - no sign or sound of it. I was certain it must've been left at the last event I covered, otherwise it meant some thug found it and was running out all my minutes. (It didn't help when one of my friends said he tried to call my phone and a Siberian man named "Peggy" answered).

As soon as the kids are off to school, I'm busting out of town to the last place I think I had my cell phone. And it's not there.

So there go all my contacts, some special photos of the kids, my designated ringtones (even though I'd promised the husband I would get him a different one after the "Beast of Burden" incident). The phone itself would be easy enough to replace, maybe even upgrade. But I wasn't ready to give up just yet, retracing where I went to lunch (nothing found) and stopping by the husband's office (sympathies from the front office, but no phone). I even went to the police station to see if anything was turned in, and as a last resort I went into the office on my day off, just in case it was found in a different part of the building. Feeling defeated, I was about to leave and go look for a new phone when my desk extension rang.

"Don't answer," a co-worker warned me. "It's your day off."

But being a glutton for punishiment, I listened in. And was rewarded! A woman I interviewed the day before had found my phone somehow wedged underneath the padding of her infant's car seat. By looking through the photos on my phone, she found my recent attempts for an updated profile pic and figured out whose phone she had.

"I remember a few times last night when we were at the game, she was looking a little funny," she recalled. The baby must've been weireded out by the vibrating sensation and Mick Jagger.

At this point, I should let her know if she's reading this, 1) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!! and 2) Those pictures of the, um, messy little boy on there... That red is Kool-Aid. I know it's a little disturbing, but honestly, no need to call human services. I have references, if needed. I'm just glad I've grown up enough not to have anything worse on my phone, camera or ringtone-wise.

So by the end of the day, I'll have my phone again with all my pictures, contacts and ringtones. At least when the time comes for a phone upgrade, I can do it on my own terms, not because I have to. But now I do need to make good on my promise for a new ringtone for the husband. Any suggestions?


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