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High School Reunion: Do I Really Wanna Go There?!

June 26, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
I got an e-mail notice from the Natrona County High School class of '92 group that the Casper Petroleum Club (the hob-nob spot in my hometown) is now booked for Aug. 4, 2012, the date and place of my 20-year high school class reunion.

My stomach sunk. I didn't attend the 10-year reunion. Everyone I know who had experience with class reunions said that the 10-year is usually the same: the good ones are still good, the jerks are still jerks. It's the 20-year reunion that you really get to see the change.

But I still don't know if I want to go. After all, I have no family in Casper anymore, and my friends all have full houses. Do I really want to go through the hassle of taking vacation time, travelling and motel booking (plus the last reunion had a cover charge of $70 just to get a couple in the door) for one weekend of "Remember When?" Especially if there's a lot of things I'd rather not remember.

Facebook has helped and hindered in this department. Back at the 10-year, I had the excuse that I was in touch with the handful of people I considered friends and didn't need to go back. But now through Facebook, I've actually become better acquainted with some classmates that I wasn't as close to back then. Plus, it helped me snoop (hey, I'm a reporter, it's what I do). So yes, I know my nemesis Kelly Wayman* (aka - the original Mean Girl a decade before Lindsey Lohan) is supposedly dating some Greek heir, and "The One That Got Away" is a manager at one of the box stores in town. Oh, and he got divorced from the one he left me for. Not that I'm stalking or anything, especially since he set his profile to private.

"Oh, I already have my reservations made," said another friend of mine in a similar predicament. "Seeing everyone on Facebook has just made me more excited about going to the reunion."

But I can't say I feel the same. Odds are, those I want in my life already are, and (sorry Deb and Candice) even though I'd love to catch up with you in person, it's not enough to blow a good chunk of time and funds for one night. I'd rather have a relaxed time catching up on our careers, our children, instead of trying to do so over a DJ blaring Paula Abdul and hair bands, and what if Mean Girl is now Mean Woman & still doing her little "talking loud enough to be heard across the room" insults all night. Plus there's that awkward moment if/when I cross paths with the one who could've made me "Mrs. Store Manager." Would it be an embarrassed nod and wave and retreat to opposite sides of the room for the evening? And then I'd have to explain to my husband why that guy mumbled something about the restraining order he has against me still being in effect.

Perhaps - just maybe - we could pull off what happened at my husband's 10-year reunion. After the organized dinner and whatnot, we heard a few of Dan's old buddies were going to be at the local bar. Sure enough, THAT was where the true reunion was at! Maybe instead of playing classy at the Petroleum Club, if my girls and I end up chilling out at the bar down the hill. Who knows...

After all, I still have a year to decide. And get in shape. You know, just in case...

*names and details changed. For obvious reasons.


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