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End of Days? Maybe.

May 16, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
So the latest "End of Days" theory has Judgment Day coming up on Saturday. We get paid on Friday, so does that mean I can go out and party away my mortgage payment and run up my credit cards on all the "stuff" we always want but can never afford in a practical manner?

This Judgment Day has stirred up some debates and chuckles in the newsroom. The "Moms Club" set hopes that the rapture won't happen during the Girls Scouts awards ceremony Saturday morning. But maybe it should since we'll be at a church, and maybe I'll be saved by default?

Then we've got the brave guys that say, "Bring it!" and plan to keep clicking away until the final fireball of vengeance from God wipes us all out. Hey, it should provide us with some big stories to cover. And as my personal writing goes, many say you have to suffer for your art. Perhaps the five months between Saturday's rapture and the end of the world in October can bring my best writing yet. Hopefully all the heathens I'm stuck with on Earth will appreciate it.

But all snide joking aside, some of my other co-workers pointed out that the Bible has said the end will come, "like a thief in the night," without any announcement. Is that why every few years we face the world's end? Are these Doomsday-announcers really just keeping the world going by keeping on alert? We survived the Y2K bug. And as for that extended calendar thing of the Mayans in 2012, I'm sure there's some chief Mayan ghost that's saying, "You turn the circle over when it hits the end, you nitwits!"

An article I read stated that the doomsday scenario is actually part of our psyches. Much like an animal who hears a rustle behind him and freezes. Is it the wind? Or is a predator preparing to attack? As we keep the alert response to the wind, "just in case," if we dismiss a noise as the wind yet it's a hungry bear, we probably won't get a second chance.

So will I be a little more nervous if I feel a tremor in the Earth on Saturday? Maybe. Or maybe I'll realize there is a logical explanation, maybe it will just happen to be a rare Minnesota earthquake, or maybe the Family Radio group is right. Either way, I plan to keep taking things day by day. Just as I've done the past (29 + tax) years I've made it so far. But maybe I will appreciate next Monday just a wee bit more. Maybe.


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