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Bad Kitties

March 18, 2011 - Jennifer Brookens
Just when I thought we had become accustomed to having three cats in the house, a revolt begins.

Perhaps I didn't get the litterboxes changed quick enough, or these animals have cabin fever too. Late the other night there was howling and fur flying; the first time in a long while. Tacky (the fat one) who likes to play alpha-male was cornering Deuce (the original Brookens cat) Both were standing up on their hind legs, and black and white fur was everywhere. Both (along with Pepe, who keeps a low profile) are declawed and neutered. Not a lot of harm done, but unnerving.

Part of me wonders if they only act like "themselves" at night. While Tacky like to play Mr. Dominant, he is quickly taken down a peg by the kids during the day, whether The Boy tries to ride the big kitty like a pony, or if the Girl emasculates him by dressing him up in baby bibs and/or feather boas. (Unfortunately, the dress-up never lasts long enough for me to get a pic).

This fight also made me understand why skinny little Deuce always tries to hide in our room at night. But his need to start licking us awake for breakfast at 4 a.m. keeps him banned. And since the other cats' games of chase throughout the house give me dreams of horse stampedes and bowling alleys, all the bedroom doors remain closed and off limits at night.

Then there is the moving of plant life. Paranoid Pepe loves eating any plant he can get up by. This other night, my husband came home with a beautiful bouquet of red roses for our anniversary. Five minutes later, we caught Pepe up on the table trying to nibble on the greens. That night - the same night as the catfight - I had to put this beautiful bouquet in the kitchen sink and block it off to ensure its safety. If it hadn't been for the soda case cube blocking off Pepe's access on the sink counter, he still would've tried.

And despite the chaos and messes they bring, they remain a part of our family. Sometimes I wonder what exactly they give me that I put up with this nonsense. Perhaps it's the purrs and snuggles of affection (when all they really want is food). There's also the entertainment factor. And in a pinch, blog material. Or maybe - once again - I've just been duped.


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