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Stuck in the 80s

December 8, 2010 - Jennifer Brookens
Apparently, I hit that point in pop culture that I swore I'd never hit. That point where you slide off the latest trend wagon and say, "That's it. I'm not going any further."

It was a slow process, and I think I was even in denial at first. But I'm noticing that the radio in my van (another sign, a minivan and not an SUV or hybrid) is usually on the "classic rock" instead of "Top 40" station, and my CDs... well, who really buys CDs anymore when there's iTunes?

In fact, it was iTunes that helped me realize my security blanket/time warp. The freebie radio stations on there have nearly every genre of music imaginable. And what is mine usually set on? The 80s. That's right, as much as I abhorred my childhood school days, I'm listening to the music of what now seems like much simpler days. But I might be overloading. This morning, I realized my hair (minus the peroxide blonde) looked like Madonna's in her early stages... and almost left it that way. My seven-year-old's astonished, "MOM! Your hair's sticking up all over the place!" brought me back to the reality of 30 years later.

And leave it to a seven-going-on-12-year-old to make me realize how things have come full circle. The 80s fashion has also come back, from the rubber bracelets, to the high tops with leggings. Haven't stooped that low yet, but saw my daughter checking out some of these fashions choices. I think what I felt was a combination of amusement and horror, realizing that I was on board with this fashion trend the first time around.

I've officially come around full-circle; maybe it's OK to give up my seat on the wagon. But not before I indulge with a proposed New Year's Eve party a friend of mine is wanting to throw: yep, back to the 80s. Guess for now, I can call it "getting into character." Like, totally! But a plea to my closest friends, if I start sporting the Aqua-Net hair or a mullet, please do an intervention and get your best stylist on the case!


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