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Early shopping

November 23, 2010 - Jodelle Greiner
On the Sentinel’s home page, we have a little feature off to the side for “AP Video”. Today I noticed one called “First Person: Already Camping For Black Friday.”

While watching TV last night, I saw an ad for some department store saying their Black Friday sale would start at 3 a.m.


What insane person gets up at 2 in the morning to drive to a store? Why would you sleep outside in weather like this for a sale? Okay, tickets for a special concert I can see — that only comes around once or twice — but a sale? Like they aren’t going to have more sales right after Christmas, which will probably save you more money.

I really don’t get all this in-the-dark buying. What is the point?

For stores that are open 24 hours, it isn’t a big deal, but most of these stores offering these before-the-crack-of-dawn deals usually aren’t open at those times. Doesn’t it cost them more to open up that early? More in electricity, more in employee salaries? How much could they possibly make from these sales?

It’s got to be more dangerous to be on the road at that time of the day, too. First, it’s in the dark and you can’t see as well, then add to that the fact of all these people driving when they’re normally sleeping. I’m no sleep expert, but that can’t be the safest thing in the world, either.

You can count me out. If these stores want my money, they’ll have to take it during the daytime when I’m actually awake.

As for me, I won’t be thinking of these people out in the dark and cold come Friday, because I will be snuggled down under all my blankets, still fast asleep.


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