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Dumpster Dive

November 12, 2010 - Jennifer Brookens
It was another one of those moments that was sitcom-worthy. Earlier this week, after a lunch date with my husband, I got the light chastising about how messy the minivan was (Hey, full-time work and two kids with totally different schedules leads to a lot of taxi time!) He pulls up next to the dumpster at his work place, and we start digging out fast food bags and cups, spilled cereal, old homework papers, etc. As I have both fists full, I turn and drop it all into the dumpster... and realize, “Wasn’t I holding my keys too?”

I was. And I could now see them sitting at the bottom of the dumpster.

Fortunately, the dumpster wasn’t too full, and there was no rotting food or oozing substances adding to the ick factor. But it was still a long way down. What to do, what to do...

I remembered that the handles on my son’s umbrella stroller were shaped like hooks. Would they work? We grabbed it and while I couldn’t literally hook the keys, we were able to to slide them closer to the edge. Now what? If I was hoisted up there, would my arm be long enough to reach? COULD I hoist myself up there?! I hadn’t tried any moves like that since 8th grade gymnastics... and I wasn’t great back then, What would 20 years and how many more pounds (no comment) be like?!

But what other choice did I have?

I braced myself, jumped and pushed off with my arms... and lo and behold, I MADE IT! But it was an awkward balancing act and the tips of my fingers barely brushed my key ring. I ended up doing a see-saw motion and stretching my arm with all my might hoping I wouldn’t lose balance and fall face-first to the bottom. By the fourth bob, I grabbed the keys and jumped back down triumphant. My husband just kind of looked at me, awed at my determination and stupidity.

“I was going to get the step stool for you,” he said. “But I sure wish I had a camera for that.”

Always so supportive.


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