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what to do for a Birthday girl...

November 6, 2010 - Jennifer Brookens
So this weekend, most likely the last warm weekend of the season, I hope to finish the last bit of outdoor work and winter prep, while recovering from the hangovers of elections and too much Halloween candy. I gotta find a way to down and out more of that candy without protest from the Girl, who has every piece in her bucket documented.

Speaking of the Girl, her birthday is coming up, and her ideas for celebrating change as often as her outfits... and most are beyond our immediate means with Christmas now a month away.

"Can I invite my class to a pool party?" "How about a bowling party?" "Can the girls from my bus stop come over for a slumber party?" No, No and EEEK!

And if that isn't enough of a stressor, you should check out her list of demands - I mean presents.

"I really want a Nintendo dsI - it's only $90." (ONLY!) "Can I get the ZhuZhu pets burger drive-thru and the babies?" (Never mind the fact she hasn't played with her kindergarten graduation gift Zhu Zhu pet since July). And my favorite, "When do I get my own laptop?" (This being after Daddy's flashed the Hard Drive error message the other day, indicating that a meltdown and replacement may be immiment!)

These ideas and requests may sound like I have one spoiled little girl on my hands, and for awhile, I was starting to think so too. After mind change #124 the other day, I took a deep breath, froze all activity in the room and sat her and Daddy down. "Make up your mind once and for all," I said. "What, in your heart of hearts, do you REALLY want to do for your birthday?" And please remember Christmas and our need to help out Santa, I thought to myself. I prepared for the worst, already trying to figure out any way we could book and pay for the pool or bowling alley for half the first grade.

Then the miracle happened. "I want to have dinner with Gramma," she said. This is extra-special since she and Gramma share a birthday. "And I want to bring cupcakes to school." Quite the compromise since I thought all these things were a given already. "Ok," I said, not wanting to blow my hand. "Anything else?" "Yeah, I want that 'Give A Cat a Cupcake' book." Woah! "Well," I said, resisiting the urge to jump up and do a fist-pump in victory. "That sounds reasonable."

"Yeah," she said. "Santa will help out with the rest at Christmas, right?"

Riiiight... *gulp!*


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