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20 Random Facts

March 19, 2010 - Jennifer Brookens

(Yet another lull in the creativity pool, so here's something that my friends have been circulating on their Facebook pages)

20 random facts about me

1) I took French in high school and was pretty good at it. Now I hardly remember any of it and wish I'd taken Spanish, since it'd really come in handy. But I don't regret it, since I had an awesome French teacher in high school.

2) I was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Wyoming. Went to college in South Dakota and then moved to Minnesota, so I've almost come full circle.

3) The one thing guaranteed to get me out of a bad mood (at least for a moment) is to hear my children laughing or hear them tell me, "I love you."

4) In the past few years, I've gone through cell phones (and cell phone numbers) at an alarming rate. Yeah, I'm getting sick of it too - hopefully the new one will make it through a year at least!!!

5) Luck is usually not on my side. This is being proven by the NCAA picks (again) this year. I'm usually average or below average; not high enough to win, but not crummy enough to get my $2 back.

6) What would be my dream job? Well, other than having the winning lotto ticket and never "have to"  work, I'd be a great writer for The Onion newspaper: paid to be a sarcastic smart-aleck! Talk about a perfect fit!

7) I've caught myself watching the Nickeledon show "iCarly," even when my daughter isn't in the room.

8) I drink way too much Diet Coke. It's my breakfast of champions.

9) I do work in another media industry in the area, but I use an alias. I just do it to rock out a little on the weekends ;)

10) My favorite possession is my laptop. It has changed the way I work and socialize. I'm to the point I'd be totally lost without it.

11) I once bowled a 240 game on Nintendo Wii.

12) My favorite time of year is late spring, early summer. Warm enough to cook out and not need jackets, but not so humid and bug-filled. Plus my birthday is in late May.

13) I've always thought my dream home would be in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But I think I'll spend November-March someplace a little warmer.

14) People ask me how my husband and I met. It was at the college radio station and I ended up firing him. Some may say he got his ultimate revenge by marrying me.

15) I don't get to watch many movies or TV shows, but I'm always down for a good comedy. I tend to have a warped sense of humor.

16) I love and hate that I drive a minivan. It's the newest vehicle I've ever owned, but there's those days where I don't want to be seen as a "mom-mobile."

17) Current book I'm wanting to read: "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu

18) I love all types of music - the only types you probably won't catch me listening to is ignorant rap or death metal meant mainly to scare parents, small children and the elderly. (On the other extreme, I'm not much of an opera fan either.) I have caught myself listening to NPR more than once in the past couple months though. (Eek!)

19) I grimace to myself every time I hear a phrase come out of my mouth when I'm talking to my kids that I know my mother said over and over to me.

20) I think I've shared too much...


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