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Who's acting unethically?

March 9, 2010 - Lee Smith
I've been on the receiving end of some political emails lately that strike me as strange. Basically, they accuse some Republican politicans, including Gov. Tim Pawlenty, of being hypocrites. Their crime? They have received or are using government funds in some way.

The argument goes like this: Pawlenty, for instance, opposed the federal stimulus, so he shouldn't use federal funds to balance the state budget. Another email focused on a Republican candidate for Congress — Randy Demmer — who has served as a state lawmaker, for which he was paid state dollars. He also has received some ag subsidies over the years, among other things. The critics say Demmer shouldn't talk about fiscal responsibility on the campaign trail because of this.

This, to me, sure seems like an awfully convenient argument for those on the Left. Nearly every aspect of our daily lives involves government in some way. From the public schools we attend as kids, to the roads we drive on, to federal ag policy, etc., etc. You can't escape it. Oh, and by the way, the "government" simply refers to all citizens collectively. So we are each a part of it inherently.

To suggest hypocrisy is an attempt to stifle all criticism of government or, actually, the concept of government as it exists today.

But I'd make a counterclaim: ONLY those who oppose government as it exists are entitled to its benefits. They do not seek government favors, but are merely living with the system forced on them, making due (as anyone forced to obey) and getting funds back paid in by them, their ancestors or by friends and family.

Those who support a government nanny state are entitled to NONE of its benefits, for these favor-seekers are acting unethically, i.e. taking from other citizens through legalized government theft.


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