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"My Family"

November 7, 2009 - Jennifer Brookens
Editor's Note: Apparently, Jennifer Brookens became confused over the weekend or got so lazy that she used her daughter's kindergarten report on her family to pass as a blog entry... The matter is being investigated.

"My Family" by Kaycie

This is my family.

Stick Figure Family at

Mom always wonders why we can't get a family picture like this, when we're all smiling and behaving. The last time we tried to take family pictures, my brother Brendan acted up so much that every picture has him wiggling or screaming. That would be easy for me to draw too, since all I'd have to draw for Brendan is a giant mouth and some hair.

Anyway that guy, Dan, is my dad and Jennifer is my mom. Dad usually has the letters KFMC on his shirt. Those were the first four letters of the alphabet I learned because of that. Mom and I have our ups and downs. She hollers when I'm still watching cartoons when I have to catch the bus or when I'm trying to get her attention while she's working. But she says she still loves us - even when we drive her nuts. I tell her how pretty she is when I think it might get me an extra piece of Halloween candy.

Then there's my little brother Brendan. He's 2. He doesn't talk much yet so he screams a lot when he wants attention. Which seems to be always. He messes up my room, then Mom gets mad at me about it. But she gets mad at Brendan for messing up her room or taking and hiding her phone, so it all works out. At least Brendan's cute, so it kind of makes up for it.

Our cat's name is Deuce, but my parents call him Puker when he throws up on the carpet. We have my Gramma's cats right now too. Their names are Tacky and Pepe, but we call them Fatty and Stinky (don't tell my grandma!) It's funny to watch my brother chase the cats around.

My Grandma Joan shares a birthday with me. She used to watch me when I was little and when she had to take care of Papa. Papa died when I was three and Mom was pregnant with Brendan. I miss Papa a lot. But now my Grandma does lots of things, like playing Betty Thompson on "As The Corn Grows." I have a tiger-striped sweater and a leopard-print miniskirt in case the writers ever let Betty Thompson's niece come and visit the show.

My family is always busy, but my mom always finds time to take me to the library and reads to me each night. We go on road trips to see other family and friends, like Grandma Carol and Uncle Jim, and sometimes I can pull my parents away from their laptops to do something fun for all of us. It's not always easy being a kid in this family, but I like it anyway.


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