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October 30, 2009 - Jennifer Brookens
As the Tom Petty song goes, "The Waiting is the Hardest Part."

Right now, I am waiting on: replacement of the kitchen window sill, sources to return my phone calls, another story source to be in the office so I can call her, my daughter's loose teeth to come out, sales for future birthday and Christmas presents, contacting my mother to see if she wants to come trick-or-treating with the grandkids tomorrow, my husband to quit being sick, people to get over themselves, broken hearts to mend, the rest of the leaves to come off the trees before we rake and mulch, H1N1 vaccinations, more money in the bank, and to decide what sort of family plans are in the works for the upcoming holidays. And that's just while sitting here at my desk. Whew!

But at least I'm not alone in this waiting game. Some stats I looked up online (while I was - you guessed it - WAITING) claim that the average person in 70 years will have spent at least three to five of those years waiting. That breaks down to a little more than an hour each day. But there's no way to get away from it. We wait in lines at the store, in banks, at the movies. We wait for service at restaurants. We stop and wait at traffic signals (2-3 hours a month at traffic lights, it is estimated). We also must wait for seasons to change and crops to grow and dry, for babies to be born, for wounds (physical and emotional) to heal, for children to mature, for bread to rise and wine to ferment.

But thanks to technology leaps and bounds, some of those daily waiting times can be made a little more productive. Laptops and multi-purpose cell phones keep people working and networking even if stuck in line or a waiting room. Besides that, some people keep a book or newspaper handy for the wait. And sometimes, we can use that waiting time to bond with the people waiting with us, be it family or friends that came with you in the first place, or maybe even making a new friend that's stuck waiting too.

We've heard it said about trips and life in general that the journey is half the fun. Perhaps that is what the waiting game is all about: fate or destiny's way of making us stop and smell the roses. Just don't let my spot in line be by the dumpster.


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