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The Return of Fatty and Stinky

August 5, 2009 - Jennifer Brookens
This morning, Fatty is being extremely loving, sitting on my lap and nuzzling at my chin. I hope this doesn't mean that he's the one who dropped that nasty little stinkbomb on my bathroom floor this morning.

That's right, once again we are the owners of three cats instead of just one. The problem with that, I realize, is that when there is a 'Bad kitty!' offense, it's tough to know who to blame unless they're caught in the act. I'm thinking my poopertrator is aware of this. My bet is that Stinky was living up to his name, since the wallpaper was curling. And he's been on the run the rest of the morning, turning my stairway into a racetrack. Several items that had been missing since the gruesome-twosome's last visit were dug out and in the middle of the living room when I came downstairs. Pink and red pipe cleaners from Valentines Day projects, anyone?

And where is the resident cat in all this? Good question, since his regular sleeping spot has become the landing space for Fatty diving off the ends of the couch. (Yeah, you don't wanna be the recipient of a Fatty belly flop!) Our regular cat has become nocturnal, and has upgraded from Puker to Bat Killer. Twice now I've come downstairs and found a curled up little dead bat on the floor (luckily before the kids did!) Dunno how the cat does it without his front claws, but I'm just very glad he does. (And yes I know you're not suppose to kill the bats, but you try reasoning with a being whose only vocabulary is 'FEED ME!')

It also looks like I need to keep the clean laundry off the furniture or else it becomes a cat bed. Half of my work clothes need to be washed again... why is it that Fatty (who is part siamese with some orange tabby) loves to canoodle with my black dress pants, and our black cat loves the white t-shirts? Plus the disgusting sensation of drying yourself off after a shower, and discovering you're now coated in a layer of cat fur!

Notes to self: close off bedrooms and bathrooms, get to the clean laundry quicker, and invest in a third litterbox to put upstairs. Another litterbox to clean. Yeesh!


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