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April 23, 2009 - Meg Alexander
"Blog!" read the hot pink Post-it note from my boss.

This is nothing new. And neither are the circumstances that provoke these obtrusive orders.

Writer's block is probably the easiest way to sum it up. This seldom happens with articles I write for the actual newspaper. Those -- unlike vague blogs like this with no clear purpose and no clear guidelines -- have a topic, a message, a point. They are easy and fun and they serve a purpose. If the topic isn't so interesting, all the better. It makes me, as an interviewer, dig harder; as a writer, I'm forced to get creative, and hopefully the end result is a product people enjoy reading and I am comfortable putting my name on.

Speaking of my name, I hear through the grapevine (aka Sentinel office gossip) that Meg Alexander has been raising some questions/eyebrows. In case anyone missed my prior blog from October, the switch from Alexander to Feddersen has nothing to do with my marital status and everything to do with being a feminist. That's the easiest, quickest way I can sum it up, albeit blunt.

And Meg, you may ask? Well perhaps you've noticed Jennifer Brookens is now Jenn? The reason is one and the same. Common nicknames became quite convenient when the Sentinel recently shrunk its column sizes. Megan Alexander and Jennifer Brookens were too long to comfortably fit in a byline, so we became Meg and Jenn. It may be the only time in my life I've been too big for anything.

So there you have it. A mystery solved and a blog to boot. Voila.


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